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WedDec 18

National Deborah Day – December 18, 2024

National Deborah Day is celebrated on December 18. Deborah is a female given name originating from ancient Israel. It experienced a surge in popularity in the U.S. between the 1950s and 1970s, with actresses like Deborah Kerr and Debbie Reynolds making the name famous. It was ranked as the twenty-fifth most common name for American women in the 1990s. In some rare instances, it is used as a biblical surname. Today, more than 1.2 million Americans are called Deborah, proof that it is still relevant even after decades.

History of National Deborah Day

Deborah is the name of a prophetess in the Old Testament Book of ‘Judges.’ She lived between 1107 B.C. and 1067 B.C., and her name comes from the Hebrew ‘D’Vorah’, which means bee. As one of the few female judges in Israel and the only female judge mentioned in the bible, it could be said that she was one of the earliest feminist icons of her time.

Deborah’s visions of God inspired her to live a pious life and protect Israel from harm. Her prophecies and judgments rallied the tribes of Israel to fight the Canaanites who oppressed them. The final mention of Deborah in the bible states that there was peace in Israel for 40 years following her actions.

Debbie Harry, one of two founding members of the punk band ‘Blondie,’ was born Angela Tremble on July 1, 1945, in the U.S. At three months old, she got adopted by Catherine and Richard Harry and grew up in New Jersey. After dropping out of university, Harry moved to New York in the late 1960s, working as a ‘Playboy Bunny’ and singing with the band ‘Wind in the Willows.’ While singing with the Stilettos, a female trio, she met Chris Stein, a guitarist who later joined the group. The two founded their band in 1974, and in 1976 they released their debut album “Blondie.” The group split in 1982 after the release of their sixth studio album, but they reunited in 1997 and continue to perform today.

National Deborah Day timeline

1200 — 1124 B.C.
The Prophetess in the Book of Judges

Deborah serves as a prophetess and judge of Israel.

The Hero of the Revolutionary War

Deborah Sampson disguises herself as a man and joins the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment.

A Near Brush With Death

Deborah Kerr and co-star Rex Harrison are nearly blown up by a German explosive detonating near the scene of a movie set.

The Golden Globe Award Nominee

Debbie Reynolds is nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer after her portrayal of Helen Kane in “Three Little Words.”

National Deborah Day FAQs

What is the meaning of Deborah?

Deborah comes from a Hebrew word, which means bee.

How do you pronounce Deborah?

Deborah is pronounced D(e)-Bor-Ah.

What does Deborah teach us in the bible?

Deborah teaches us to find strength and courage through worship and obey everything the Lord asks of us.

National Deborah Day Activities

  1. Light a sanctuary lamp

    Deborah was a keeper of tabernacle lamps. Lighting one is a fitting tribute to National Deborah Day.

  2. Read the Song of Deborah

    The ‘Song of Deborah’ is a victory hymn. It documents the defeat of the Canaanites by the tribes of Israel, one of Deborah’s most significant achievements.

  3. Buy some honey

    Deborah is the patron saint of bees. Get yourself some natural honey. You can spread it on toast or pancakes or mix it into your favorite hot beverage.

5 Fast Facts About Deborahs

  1. The queen bee

    Deborah is the patron saint of bees and beekeepers.

  2. The making of a pop star

    Like many pop stars, Debbie Harry started singing in a church choir when she was a child.

  3. A flip of the coin

    When talent agents from MGM and Warner Bros. scouted actress Debbie Reynolds, both companies had to flip a coin to settle on where she would sign, and Warner Bros. came out on top.

  4. The melting of Miss Kerr

    During the filming of “The King and I,” Deborah Kerr lost 12 pounds due to constantly dancing underneath bright, hot lights, causing the actress to dub herself the “melting Miss Kerr.”

  5. A natural blonde

    In a reversal from the usual trope, “Daredevil” actress Deborah Ann Woll, who often plays redhead characters, is a natural blonde who dyes her hair for her roles.

Why We Love National Deborah Day

  1. It sounds regal

    Deborah has a regal, aristocratic tone to it. The nobility of the name is evident.

  2. It represents heroism

    Deborah inspired the Israelites to overthrow their Canaanite oppressors. It’s a name synonymous with bravery and heroism.

  3. The name has many variations

    Deborah probably has the most nicknames and variations out there — Debbie, Deb, Debbo, and Debra.

National Deborah Day dates

2024December 18Wednesday
2025December 18Thursday
2026December 18Friday
2027December 18Saturday
2028December 18Monday

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