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WedDec 18

National Jeremy Day – December 18, 2024

This year we’re celebrating National Jeremy Day on December 18. The anglicized name ‘Jeremy’ for boys is derived from the biblical character ‘Jeremiah.’ It is a first name and, in some uncommon cases, a surname. Jeremy is one of the top 200 names in the U.S., with over 278,000 American bearers. The spellings ‘Jeremie,’ ‘Jerami,’ and ‘Jérémy’ are frequently used. The name initially appeared in the U.S. in the 1940s, gradually gained popularity in the 1960s, and reached its peak in the 1980s. Jeremy Renner and Jeremy Irons are two well-known bearers of the name.

History of National Jeremy Day

The name ‘Jeremy’ is the English version of ‘Jeremiah,’ which translates to ‘Yahweh will raise’ or ‘God is high’ in ancient Hebrew. In the bible, Jeremiah was a prophet who lived between 650 B.C. and 570 B.C. Jeremiah, who was born into a priestly family just a few miles from Jerusalem, opposed false worship and social injustice. He was known as the ‘weeping prophet’ because of his sensitive nature. Jeremiah wrote the “Book of Jeremiah,” the “Books of Kings,” and the “Book of Lamentations,” apart from influencing political and religious events in the ancient Near East.

Jeremy Clarkson, an English journalist, and writer is best known for co-hosting the BBC show “Top Gear” with his longtime friends and colleagues James May and Richard Hammond. Clarkson’s trademark dry wit and boisterous personality made him a worldwide sensation. For his straightforward car reviews and scathing criticism of established brands like Rover, he is both loved and despised. At the height of his fame, nearly 50,000 people signed a petition to make him the Prime Minister of England.

Jeremy Lin, a Taiwanese-American basketball player, made history with the New York Knicks in the 2011 — 2012 season when he unexpectedly led a winning turnaround. ‘Linsanity,’ as it was dubbed by the media, was an accurate description of the hype surrounding Lin and his outstanding performance on the court. In 2019, Lin became the first Asian-American to win an NBA championship during his time with the Toronto Raptors. He currently competes in the Chinese Basketball Association for the Beijing Ducks.

National Jeremy Day timeline

626 B.C.
The “Book of Jeremiah”

Prophet Jeremiah begins his ministry by writing some of his sermons and philosophies.

The Memorable Villain

Jeremy Irons portrays the central protagonist Scar in the Disney film “The Lion King.”

The Show That’s About Cars

Jeremy Clarkson co-hosts the BBC show “Top Gear” when it launches.

The Start of the Linsanity Peak

Jeremy Lin, a basketball player, experiences a sudden burst of stardom owing to a successful season with the New York Knicks.

National Jeremy Day FAQs

What is Jeremy short for?

The name Jeremy is the diminutive of Jeremiah.

What does Jeremy mean spiritually?

Jeremy is an English anglicized version of ‘Jeremiah,’ which translates to ‘God is high’ in ancient Hebrew.

What does Jeremy mean in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, ‘Jeremy’ means ‘God will uplift.’

National Jeremy Day Activities

  1. Honor the prophet

    Many people honor the prophet Jeremiah on National Jeremy Day. They may attend a church service if it's offered that day and read a story about the martyr or saint. Others may display his icon in a prominent place, adorning it with flowers, candles, and other items.

  2. Treat yourself to a special meal

    Prepare a special meal on National Jeremy Day. You can allow Jeremy to choose the main meal and the courses! If you’re planning a large gathering, send out invites so everyone is aware of the program in advance.

  3. Read the Book of Jeremiah

    What better way to celebrate National Jeremy Day than learning about the man who first carried the name? The Book of Jeremiah is a biographical and historical account of the prophet’s life, teachings, and a collection of his words.

5 Interesting Facts About Jeremy

  1. The make-up artist turned actor

    Jeremy Renner, who starred in “The Hurt Locker,” “Avengers,” and “The Town,” worked as a makeup artist before becoming an actor.

  2. The movie based on a true story

    The fast-talking “Entourage” character Ari Gold, played by actor Jeremy Piven, is based on real-life Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel.

  3. The first east Asian in the NBA

    Jeremy Lin was the first American of Chinese or Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA

  4. The Jeremy Clarkson effect

    Jeans manufacturers like Levi’s have cited that the association of their product with middle-aged men led to a decline in sales about 20 years ago, a phenomenon dubbed the ‘Jeremy Clarkson effect.’

  5. An unusual hobby

    Jeremy Irons, a British actor, admitted to the hobby of dumpster-diving, looking for items he calls ‘treasures.’

Why We Love National Jeremy Day

  1. It is a robust and confident name

    Jeremy is an assertive, bold name. Perhaps it's because of its association with so many successful public figures.

  2. It has multiple nicknames

    Although Jeremy is the diminutive of Jeremiah, there are still several nicknames. Typical examples are ‘Jem,’ ‘Jez,’ and ‘Jer,’ among others.

  3. It is biblical

    Biblical names carry a certain mystique around them. This could be because the people who carry these names continue to influence the world and have their stories told thousands of years later.

National Jeremy Day dates

2024December 18Wednesday
2025December 18Thursday
2026December 18Friday
2027December 18Saturday
2028December 18Monday

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