Fun Holidays

Here at National Today, we like our couch—but we love fun holidays that let us get active, go on adventures, or even just treat ourselves even more. We’re so excited to celebrate 134 fun holidays each year!





Jan. 1

New Year's DayFederal, FunWorld

Jan. 4

National Trivia DayFunU.S.

Jan. 7

National Bobblehead DayFunU.S.

Jan. 8

National Bubble Bath DayFunU.S.

Jan. 10

National Houseplant Appreciation DayEnvironmental, FunU.S.

Jan. 12

Kiss a Ginger DayFunU.S.

Jan. 13

National Rubber Ducky DayFunU.S.

Jan. 13

National Sticker DayFunU.S.

Jan. 21

National Hugging DayFunU.S.

Jan. 22

Celebration of Life DayFunU.S.

Jan. 25

National Opposite DayFunU.S.

Jan. 29

National Puzzle DayFunU.S.

Feb. 2

Groundhog DayFunU.S.

Feb. 7

National Send a Card to a Friend DayFunU.S.

Feb. 8

National Boy Scout DayFunU.S.

Feb. 13

Mardi GrasDrinking, FunU.S.

Feb. 17

Random Act of Kindness DayFunU.S.

Feb. 19

Tug of War DayFunU.S.

Mar. 2

National Read Across America DayFunU.S.

Mar. 4

National Grammar DayEducation, FunU.S.

Mar. 8

National Proofreading DayFunU.S.

Mar. 10

National Landline Telephone DayFunU.S.

Mar. 10

National Pack Your Lunch DayFood, FunU.S.

Mar. 11

National Promposal DayFunU.S.

Mar. 12

National Girl Scout DayFunU.S.

Mar. 12

National Napping DayFunU.S.

Mar. 14

National Pi DayFunU.S.

Mar. 18

Awkward Moments DayFunU.S.

Mar. 19

National Let’s Laugh DayFamily, Fun, HealthU.S.

Mar. 21

World Poetry DayFun, InternationalWorld

Mar. 22

National Goof Off DayFunU.S.

Apr. 1

April Fools' DayFunU.S.

Apr. 3

National Find a Rainbow DayFunU.K., U.S.

Apr. 3

World Party DayFunWorld

Apr. 4

National Walking DayFun, HealthU.S.

Apr. 13

National Make Lunch Count DayFood, FunU.S.

Apr. 16

Wear Pajamas to Work DayFunU.S.

Apr. 18

National Haiku Poetry DayFunWorld

Apr. 19

National High Five DayFunU.S.

Apr. 23

National Picnic DayFunU.S.

Apr. 28

National Superhero DayFunU.S.

Apr. 29

International Dance DayFun, InternationalWorld

Apr. 30

National Honesty DayFunU.S.

May 1

May DayFunU.S.

May 3

National Paranormal DayFunU.S.

May 4

World Password DayFunWorld

May 6

International No Diet DayFun, InternationalU.S.

May 6

National Tourist Appreciation DayFunU.S.

May 7

National Tourism DayFunU.S.

May 12

National Limerick DayFunU.S.

May 24

National Scavenger Hunt DayFunU.S.

May 26

National Paper Airplane DayFunU.S.

Jun. 6

National Yo-Yo DayFunU.S.

Jun. 9

National Donald Duck DayFunU.S.

Jun. 13

National Sewing Machine DayFunU.S.

Jun. 19

National Garfield the Cat DayFunU.S.

Jun. 21

National Selfie DayFunU.S.

Jun. 21

World Day of MusicFunWorld

Jun. 22

National Kissing DayFunU.S.

Jun. 25

International Day of the SeafarerFun, InternationalWorld

Jun. 29

Hug HolidayFunU.S.

Jul. 1

International Joke DayFun, InternationalU.S.

Jul. 2

World UFO DayFun, InternationalWorld

Jul. 4

Independence DayFederal, FunU.S.

Jul. 5

National Bikini DayFunU.S.

Jul. 6

International Kissing DayFun, InternationalWorld

Jul. 12

National Simplicity DayFunU.S.

Jul. 14

Pandemonium DayFunU.S.

Jul. 15

National Give Something Away DayFunU.S.

Jul. 17

World Emoji DayFunWorld

Jul. 18

World Listening DayFunWorld

Jul. 20

National Moon DayFunU.S.

Jul. 22

National Hammock DayFunU.S.

Jul. 30

National Dance DayFunU.S.

Aug. 1

Regatta DayDrinking, Fun, SportsCanada

Aug. 1

Spider-Man DayFunU.S.

Aug. 2

National Coloring Book DayFunU.S.

Aug. 6

Natal DayFunCanada

Aug. 6

Provincial DayDrinking, Family, Food, FunCanada

Aug. 6

Terry Fox DayCause, Fun, HealthCanada, World

Aug. 9

National Book Lovers DayFunU.S.

Aug. 10

National Lazy DayFunU.S.

Aug. 13

International Lefthanders DayFunWorld

Aug. 15

Chant at the Moon DayFunU.S.

Aug. 15

National Relaxation DayFunU.S.

Aug. 15

Royal National Agricultural Show DayFunAustralia

Aug. 16

National Tell A Joke DayFunU.S.

Aug. 17

Gold Cup ParadeFamily, Food, Fun, SportsCanada

Aug. 20

Discovery DayFunCanada

Aug. 22

National Tooth Fairy DayFunU.S.

Aug. 23

Cheap Flight DayFunWorld

Aug. 30

National Beach DayFunU.S.

Sep. 1

American Chess DayFun, SportsU.S.

Sep. 1

College Colors DayFunU.S.

Sep. 3

National Skyscraper DayFunU.S.

Sep. 3

West Indian Day ParadeFunU.S.

Sep. 5

Telephone TuesdayFunU.S.

Sep. 6

National Read a Book DayFunU.S.

Sep. 9

International Sudoku DayFun, InternationalWorld

Sep. 11

National Make Your Bed DayFunU.S.

Sep. 14

National Coloring DayFunU.S.

Sep. 15

International Dot DayFun, InternationalWorld

Sep. 17

Batman DayFunU.S.

Sep. 19

International Talk Like a Pirate DayFun, InternationalWorld

Sep. 25

Heritage DayFunWorld

Sep. 25

National Comic Book DayFun, Sci-FiU.S.

Sep. 25

National Cooking DayFood, FunU.S.

Sep. 27

World Tourism DayFunWorld

Oct. 5

National Do Something Nice DayFunU.S.

Oct. 7

World Smile DayFunWorld

Oct. 20

Sweetest DayFunU.S.

Oct. 30

National Checklist DayFunU.S.

Oct. 31


Nov. 9

Go to an Art Museum DayFunU.S.

Nov. 11

Remembrance DayFunCanada

Nov. 15

National Clean Out Your Fridge DayFunU.S.

Nov. 22

Go For A Ride DayFunU.S.

Dec. 1

National Christmas Lights DayFunU.S.

Dec. 7

National Letter Writing DayFunU.S.

Dec. 12

National Gingerbread House DayFood, FunU.S.

Dec. 15

National Cat Herders DayFunU.S.

Dec. 18

Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf DayFunU.S.

Dec. 21

National Crossword Puzzle DayFunU.S.

Dec. 22

National Cookie Exchange DayFood, FunU.S.

Dec. 23


Dec. 26

National Thank You Note DayFunU.S.

Dec. 29

Still Need To Do DayFunU.S.

Dec. 31

New Year's EveFunWorld


National Embroidery MonthFashion, FunU.S.


National Crafting MonthEducation, FunU.S.


National Decorating MonthFunU.S.


National Garden MonthEnvironmental, Fun, HealthU.S.


National Humor MonthFunU.S.


Polish American Heritage MonthFun, InternationalU.S.

Where did fun activity holidays come from?

Before the Industrial Revolution, there were no holidays to celebrate besides the obvious contenders (think Christmas and New Year's). However, around this time, the definition of a holiday slowly started to change. People started to think of holidays as small occasions that could be integrated into their everyday lives rather than large, more solemn or official celebrations that required time off, presents, and family gatherings.

Different forces started to capitalize on this shift in thinking. Ordinary folks jumped on the bandwagon—we don't know exactly who started National Rubber Ducky Day (Jan. 13), but we're pretty sure it's a super-fan of Sesame Street. Brands and associations also got in on the fun (National Houseplant Appreciation Day was started by the Gardener's Network, for example).

Today, we have hundreds of lighthearted and fun holidays to celebrate. They allow us to get out of the house and fully appreciate our environment!

Submit your favorite fun holidays

Is there a holiday you celebrate every year you don't see here? Propose your holiday to our curators at our holiday submission page. You'll be asked to share a little bit about the holiday before we accept your submission. Have articles been written about the holiday? Have you seen people celebrating it on social media? If your holiday passes all of the requirements, we'd love to hear from you!

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