Trina, born December 3, 1978, is a popular American rapper, songwriter, and television personality. She gained recognition in 1998, after featuring on the Trick Daddy hit single, “Nann Nigga.” She has been touted as the most consistent female rapper of all time by hip-hop magazine “X.X.L.” Her single “Pull Over” was charted at number 27 by Complex in their 50 Best Rap Songs by Women list. In 2014, she was also ranked in Billboard’s list of the “31 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip-Hop.” Apart from music, Taylor is also a television personality and an actress. She has been awarded numerous nominations, awards, and accolades. We are very proud to celebrate her special day with you today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Katrina Laverne Taylor


Trina, Diamond Princess

Birth date:

December 3, 1976



Zodiac Sign:



5' 2.2"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$6 million

Katrina's Social Media:


Katrina Laverne Taylor, professionally known as Trina, is a prolific and acclaimed rapper, songwriter, and television star. She is known for her entertaining personality. Taylor was born in Miami, Florida on December 3, 1978. Taylor was raised by her mother after her parents split up when she was just a child. She went to Miami Northwestern Senior High School and graduated in 1992.

Initially, she had ventured into real estate and even went to school to study the ropes of a real estate agent. This was before she decided to focus solely on music as her full-time career. In 1998, as she was getting her real estate license, she crossed paths with the Miami rapper, Trick Daddy, who eventually asked her to feature on his single, “Nann Nigga.” The song ranked number 62 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 list and three on the Rap Songs chart. The single shone a light on Taylor’s rap skills and talent and she began gaining prominence. Within a short period of time, she was signed to Slip-n-Slide Records with distribution from Atlantic Records. She released her debut album, “Da Baddest Bitch” in 2000 and it went on to debut at number 33 on the U.S. Billboard 200 as well as spot 11 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The album proceeded to stay on the Billboard 200 chart for 39 weeks back-to-back and on the Hip-Hop/R&B album chart for 49 weeks consecutively. It was also certified Gold by the RIAA in November of the same year.

In 2014, Taylor was also ranked in Billboard’s list of the “31 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip-Hop.” In 2016, on the 16th anniversary of her first album “Da Baddest Bitch,” she released ‘Overnight,’ a single that talks about the highs and lows of her career. Later the same year, she released ‘Forget That’ which features Steph Lecor. Taylor also participated in Missy Elliot’s tribute for VH1’s Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens. She released her much-awaited sixth studio album that was titled “The One” in 2019. Among the many accolades, she has received include 10 B.E.T. nominations and three Soul Train Music nominations. She has also won two A.S.C.A.P. Awards, two B.M.I. Awards, one Billboard Music Award, one E.M.E. Award, and one All-Star Music Award.

Career timeline

The Debut of Her Music Career

Taylor debuts her music career by featuring in Trick Daddy’s single, ‘Nann Nigga.’

The Debut Album is Released

Taylor releases her debut album known as “Da Baddest Bitch.”

The Second Album

Taylor begins working on her second album “Diamond Princess” together with Missy Elliot.

The Signing with E.M.I.

Taylor leaves Atlantic Records and gets signed to E.M.I. in conjunction with Slip-n-Slide Records.

The Mixtape Release

She releases the mixtape “Diamonds Are Forever,” which receives 4.8 million streams in just two days.

The Sixth Album Launch

She releases her sixth album titled “The One.”

Why We Love Trina

  1. She is philanthropic

    Taylor founded the Diamond Doll Foundation because of her passion to help young girls. She has partnered with Florida Entertainment Summit to organize the Jingle Bell Toy Drive for young kids in South Florida as well.

  2. She is a pace setter

    At the time when she was starting her career, very few female rappers were successful in the industry. Taylor was among the female rappers that revolutionized the industry. She gave upcoming female rappers the confidence to go for their dreams regardless of the circumstances.

  3. She is anti-body shaming

    Taylor does not condone body shaming and strives to encourage her female followers to love themselves despite societal conformities. She is particular about empowering curvy women because in the 90s the runways were pushing the super-skinny narrative.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She and Wayne have matching tattoos

    Taylor got matching tattoos with rapper Lil Wayne while they were dating.

  2. She is Afro-Dominican

    Taylor is an Afro-Dominican born to a Dominican father and a Bahamian mother.

  3. She deliberately avoids industry beef

    Taylor believes that having beef is a waste of time and energy and she’d rather be working than having beef.

  4. She is Missy Elliot’s mentee

    Coming up in the industry, Taylor looked up to Missy Elliot who guided her in her career journey to where she is.

  5. She is not into social media

    For Taylor, social media is purely for work purposes because she doesn’t like sharing her personal life on the platform.

Trina FAQs

What is Taylor’s favorite food?

Taylor loves seafood.

Did Trick Daddy and Taylor date?

No, they have never shared a romantic history.

Is Joy Taylor's cousin?

Joy Young is the estranged wife of Trick Daddy and Taylor’s cousin. She married Trick in 2003 and they have been separated for over four and half years.

Trina’s birthday dates

2024December 3Tuesday
2025December 3Wednesday
2026December 3Thursday
2027December 3Friday
2028December 3Sunday

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