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Amanda Seyfried, who was born on December 3, 1985, is an actress who has appeared in blockbuster hits such as “Mean Girls” and “Jennifer’s Body.” She began her acting career with modest roles in T.V. shows before starring in the teen comedy film “Mean Girls” as “Karen Smith.” She possesses a diverse set of skills, and her flawless performances have never failed to astound audiences. She is also a singer in addition to being an actor. Seyfried has even contributed to the soundtracks of a few of her flicks. Let us use this occasion to pay her a fitting tribute on her big day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Amanda Michelle Seyfried



Birth date:

December 3, 1985



Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Relationship Status:


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Amanda Michelle Seyfried was born on December 3, 1985, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to Ann and Jack Seyfried. Her mother worked as an occupational therapist, while her father was a pharmacist. Her sole sibling is Jennifer, her older sister. Her alma mater was William Allen High School. She began modeling at the age of 11 and missed school as a result of her modeling and acting commitments. Even with her hectic schedule, she managed to graduate from high school in 2003.

Seyfried’s first acting job was as Lucinda Marie (Lucy) Montgomery in the serial opera “As the World Turns” when she was 15 years old. From 2006 to 2011, she starred as Sarah Henrickson in the H.B.O. drama series “Big Love.” She also started working for The Limited Too, a clothing company. Seyfried gave up modeling to pursue a career as an actor. After a few minor roles in various T.V. shows, she was hired as Karen Smith, a dim-witted teen in the teen film “Mean Girls” (2004). As a result of the film’s box office success, her fame soared. She went on to appear in films like “Nine Lives” and “American Gun.” In 2006, she appeared in five episodes of the T.V. show “Wildfire.” Sophie in the film “Mamma Mia!” was one of her most memorable parts. In “Jennifer’s Body,” she played one of the main leads, Anita. She is a talented singer who has contributed to the soundtracks of numerous films, notably “Mamma Mia!” which scored $395 million at the box office. In 2011, she appeared in the film “In Time” as Sylvia Weis. In 2013, she starred in the films “The Big Wedding” and “Lovelace.” Seyfried was part of an ensemble cast in the western comedy movie “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” She worked with Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane in the 2015 comedy “Ted 2,” in which she plays a marijuana-addicted lawyer Samantha Jackson. Despite being critically panned, the film was a huge financial success, grossing more than $216 million at the box office. She was a part of the comedy-drama “The Art of Racing in the Rain” in 2019.

Seyfried then acted in the horror film “You Should Have Left.” In 2020, she starred in the biographical film “Mank,” for which she received critical acclaim and nominations for both a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award. She was rumored to be dating actor James Franco.

She was romantically involved with actor Justin Long from 2013 to 2015. After splitting up with Long in early 2016, she began dating actor Thomas Sadoski. When the couple got engaged in September 2016, Seyfried was expecting, and the pair married in a private ceremony in March 2017. Seyfried and Sadoski have two children together.

Career timeline

Seyfried Starts Modeling

She starts modeling at the tender age of 11.

She Gets Her First Acting Gig

Seyfried gets a role in the show “As the World Turns.”

She is in a Box Office Hit

Her popularity increases with her role in the movie “Mean Girls.”

2004 — 2006
She Appears in a T.V. Series

She plays the role of Lilly Kane in the T.V. series titled “Veronica Mars”, and appears in 11 episodes of the series.

One of Her Major Film Projects

Her contributions to the soundtrack and acting in the movie “ Mamma Mia!” increase her popularity.

She Appears in Another Blockbuster

She co-acts with big names in the comedy “A Million Ways to Die.”

She Appears in Another Box Office Success

Seyfried stars in the adult comedy movie “Ted 2,” which turns out to be a huge success at the box office.

She is Nominated for Awards

Seyfried’s role in “Mank” earns her nominations for the Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award.

Why We Love Amanda Seyfried

  1. She is versatile

    She is a model, an actress, and even a singer. Her different talents make her a unique artist.

  2. A staunch advocate of facing fears

    She believes nothing is more dangerous than not facing what you fear most. She feels that fear causes mental health issues and speaking up and facing that fear can save you. She is an active participant in mental health awareness campaigns.

  3. She is a fashionista

    Seyfried has a unique and interesting sense of style. She is really big on fashion and manages to look good all the time, winning the admiration of her fans.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was accepted to Fordham University

    Seyfried was accepted to study at the University of Fordham but she did not attend any classes.

  2. Seyfried dropped “Sucker Punch”

    She was supposed to be Baby Doll in the movie “Sucker Punch” but dropped the role because of a busy schedule.

  3. She is a weather enthusiast

    She would have considered a career in a weather-related field if not for acting.

  4. She loves knitting

    She enjoys knitting so much that she knits even when she walks with her dog.

  5. Seyfried collects taxidermies

    She owns a collection of taxidermies and acquiring them is one of her favorite things to do.

Amanda Seyfried FAQs

Does Amanda Seyfriend love animals?

Yes, she loves animals and she is obsessed with her dog.

Where does Amanda Seyfried live?

Seyfried currently lives in Upstate New York.

How does Amanda Seyfried stay fit?

She stays fit by running for an hour five times and working out three times a week.

Amanda Seyfried’s birthday dates

2024December 3Tuesday
2025December 3Wednesday
2026December 3Thursday
2027December 3Friday
2028December 3Sunday

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