Tomas Mikalauskas, popularly known as, is a video creator born on December 3, 1996. He is best known for his TikTok account, where he’s accumulated over 20 million fans on the platform. Mikalauskas’s TikTok career began in 2020 when he began posting on the app. He is famous for using special effects, masks, and filters to create illusions in his videos. He also posts cosplay content. Besides TikTok, Mikalauskas transitioned to YouTube and has amassed a sizeable number of subscribers. He’s a talented video creator worth celebrating.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Tomas Mikalauskas


Birth date:

December 3, 1996



Zodiac Sign:



7' 2"

Relationship Status:


Tomas's Social Media:


Tomas Mikalauskas, popularly known as, was born in Lithuania on December 3, 1996. Mikalauskas is a TikTok star whose ingenuity has earned him millions of fans worldwide. Not much is known about his background, education, or education.

In November 2014, Mikalauskas created a YouTube channel. In 2020, he launched a TikTok account, and by October, he had uploaded his debut video on the platform. In November of that year, he uploaded a video using the song ‘Therefore I Am’ by Billie Eilish. Mikalauskas’s TikTok videos typically consist of cosplays, masks, and special effects. His content is primarily transitions. Although he created his YouTube channel in 2014, Mikalauskas’s oldest video was uploaded in February 2021. This video is titled “My TikTok transitions,” an excerpt of his TikTok videos. His most popular YouTube video was uploaded in October 2021, titled “Hey Guys! I’m the original Mikalauskas!! Stop stealing my videos, thank you,” amassing four million views. Mikalauskas’s YouTube videos are mostly uploaded as YouTube Shorts. The creative video creator has achieved a name for himself. He has amassed an impressive 20.9 million fans on TikTok with 63.7k subscribers on YouTube.

As a TikTok star and social media personality, Mikalauskas’s personal life is public domain. He has been in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Tiffany, and they got engaged in October 2020. Mikalauskas and Tiffany often make TikToks together, and he frequently shares his success with friends and family.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel is Launched

Mikalauskas creates a YouTube channel.

The TikTok Launch

Mikalauskas creates a TikTok account and begins posting.

The Debut YouTube Video

Mikalauskas uploads his channel’s debut video, “My TikTok Transitions.”

The Most Popular Video

Mikalauskas uploads his most popular video, “Hey Guys! I’m the original!! Stop stealing my videos, thank you.”

Why We Love

  1. He’s creative

    Mikalauskas is very creative. His videos are visual treats.

  2. He’s hardworking

    Mikalauskas has worked hard to establish a successful online presence. He’s continuously creating content.

  3. He’s handsome

    Mikalauskas is very handsome. He looks great in every fit.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has tattoos

    Mikalauskas has several tattoos on his body, including his fingers.

  2. His fiancee is heavily tattooed

    Mikalauskas’s fiancee has sleeves of tattoos.

  3. He’s very tall

    Mikalauskas doesn’t often post full-body pictures, but he is very tall.

  4. He owns several masks

    Mikalauskas owns a lot of L.E.D. masks.

  5. He has over 200 million likes

    Mikalauskas has 266 million likes on his TikTok account. FAQs

What is Mikalauskas’s profession?

Mikalauskas is an I.T. service provider.

How many posts are there on Mikalauskas’s Instagram?

Mikalauskas currently has 406 posts on Instagram.

Where did Mikalauskas emigrate to?

Mikalauskas emigrated to Bedford from Italy to be with his fiancee.’s birthday dates

2024December 3Tuesday
2025December 3Wednesday
2026December 3Thursday
2027December 3Friday
2028December 3Sunday

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