Kyliegh Curran

Kyliegh Curran was born on December 10, 2005. Curran, a trained theater actress, made her debut on Broadway with the role of Nala in “The Lion King.” The young actress has taken the industry by storm and is set to star in multiple new releases this decade. Her costars are all praise for the young prodigy, with Rebecca Ferguson calling her a “bloody versatile and phenomenal actress… someone who was born to be on a stage.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kyliegh Curran

Birth date:

December 10, 2005



Zodiac Sign:



4' 10"

Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Kyliegh's Social Media:


Kyliegh Curran was born on December 10, 2005, in Miami, Florida. Her cousins describe her as a larger-than-life and energetic child with a curious mind. Curran has long admired Raven Symone and was a huge fan of her work growing up. Dwindling into the restless summer of 2012, Curran’s grandmother pushed for her enrollment into a drama class to keep her occupied. At the age of playground and dress-up, seven-year-old Curran enrolled in an acting class and started auditioning in theater plays.

Soon enough, Curran began to consider acting as a legitimate career option and moved to New York for auditions and opportunities. In just two years, the tides turned for Curran when she got the role of Nala in Broadway’s production of “The Lion King.” Since then, Curran hasn’t looked back. In 2019, she got a supporting role in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s 2013 bestseller “Doctor Sleep.” The role earned her critical acclaim and the 46th Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor. Curran is a natural talent with a stellar stage presence.

Curran credits the support of her family for keeping her grounded. As her career climbs, she is extra cautious about the way she approaches her work. She also values the impact she has on young black women — just like she was once influenced by Raven Symone. Curran is an avid supporter of literacy initiatives and has pledged direct donations and awareness campaigns to many educational avenues. Underscoring the fact that millions of people do not have access to early-age literacy, Curran routinely works with Girls Inc.

Career timeline

Serious at Seven

Seven-year-old Curran moves to New York and joins an acting class.

The Age of Nala

Curran bags the role of Young Nala in the Broadway production of “The Lion King.”

The First Film Release

Curran’s first independent film titled “I Can I Will I Did” is released in theaters.

The Short Ride to Fame

Curran books a role in Stephen King’s adaptation “Doctor Sleep,” and wins the Saturn Award for ‘Best Performance by a Younger Actor.’

The Short Ride to Fame

Curran plays the supporting role of Harper Marie Dunn in “Secrets of Sulphur Springs.”

Why We Love Kyliegh Curran

  1. She’s a feminist

    Kyliegh Curran identifies as a feminist and supports the education of women and girls from a young age. She also wants to inspire a legion of young black girls who seek inspiration from her to pursue their dreams.

  2. She loves giving back

    Curran uses her social media to raise awareness about scores of social issues. In the past, she’s partnered with some amazing charities and has also donated to their causes. She is a thoughtful and grounded young woman who deserves to be celebrated every single day.

  3. She’s just getting started

    Curran has been gracing our television sets for nearly five years now, and she’s just getting started. The young actress is ready to claim the coming years with a slate full of exciting projects.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is homeschooled

    Kyliegh Curran is balancing studies and a full-time acting career through homeschooling.

  2. She’s a skilled actress

    Curran is a formally trained theater actress with experience on Broadway.

  3. She’s the granddaughter of a legend

    Curran’s grandfather, Dr. Whittington B. Johnson, is the first tenured black professor at the University of Miami.

  4. She’s an anime geek

    Curran is a nerd at heart and one of the biggest “RWBY” fans in the world.

  5. She owes it all to her grandmother

    Curran’s grandmother inspired her to take up acting classes and steered her in the direction of show business.

Kyliegh Curran FAQs

How old is Kyliegh Curran?

Curran celebrates her 17th birthday in 2022.

Is Kyliegh Curran in the “Secrets of Sulphur Springs?”

She stars as Harper Marie Dunn, a new confidante of Griffin Campbell in the 2021 suspense thriller “Secrets of Sulphur Springs.”

Is Kyliegh Curran based in New York?

She lives in New York, although she was born in Miami, Florida.

Kyliegh Curran’s birthday dates

2024December 10Tuesday
2025December 10Wednesday
2026December 10Thursday
2027December 10Friday
2028December 10Sunday

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