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Bobby Flay was born on December 10, 1964. Known for his unique flavors, successful restaurant chains, and reality shows, Flay’s culinary career is a result of his love of food. Flay’s portfolio includes being a Masterchef mentor for the French Culinary Institute, a cookbook author, a reality T.V. host, and an entrepreneur. A Bobby Flay restaurant dining experience offers the otherworldly assimilation of Southwestern and Mediterranean flavors.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Robert William Flay


Iron Chef Flay

Birth date:

December 10, 1964



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10.5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$30 million

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Robert William “Bobby” Flay was born on December 10, 1964, to an affluent upper-class couple in New York City. He is of Irish descent and was sent to denominational schools to study a Catholic curriculum. From a very young age, Flay showed a wild inclination towards knives and spices. After getting hold of an easy-bake oven on his eighth birthday, he started baking cakes and bread for his family. When most of his peers on the Upper East Side were filling out college applications for Yale and Harvard, 17-year-old Bobby jumped head-first into the culinary world and took a job at a restaurant. Being enchanted with Flay’s natural abilities, entrepreneur Joe Allen sponsored Flay’s ride to the French Culinary Institute.

Flay has been blessed to be mentored by some of the leading chefs of America’s food landscape. He credits restaurateur Jonathan Waxman for introducing him to Southwestern ingredients and exotic cooking styles. Armed with the knowledge of southern cuisine, Flay returned to New York and started his first job as an executive chef at the age of 20. Realizing that he was way over his head, Flay quit the position and went to the back of the kitchen. In 1991, Flay joined hands with Laurence Kretchmer and opened the Mesa Grill. Since 1991, Flay has opened more than 20 restaurants across America.

The dynamic and influential chef has transitioned from being a full-time restaurateur to an all-around entrepreneur. His culinary prowess and attractive personality brought him to Food Network, where he has launched and hosted 16 cooking shows, including “Beat Bobby Flay.” The Flay empire is expansive and covers cutlery, knives, cookbooks, and cooking appliances. Flay isn’t hanging the apron anytime soon either, as he is getting ready to launch a brand new five-star restaurant that will replace his first restaurant, the iconic Mesa Grill eatery in New York City.

Career timeline

His First Gig

Bobby Flay drops out of high school and starts working at a restaurant.

The French Training

Flay graduates from the French Culinary Institute and starts working as a sous-chef in a New York restaurant.

The Mesa Grill Times

After a brief pause from the world of cooking, Flay is named an executive chef of Mesa Grill.

The Mesa Spreads

Flay opens his flagship restaurant in Las Vegas and expands his franchise.

Why We Love Bobby Flay

  1. He’s the king of Southern cuisine

    Flay dominated the New York food scene in the early 2000s due to his unique take on Southern food. He has described his food philosophy as “fire first, vegetable later.” The genius of Flay and his joy of combining Southern flavors and modern dining styles deserve to be celebrated.

  2. He is a Masterchef trainer

    Bobby Flay continues to pave the path for the rest of the culinary youths. He is a trainer for The French Culinary Institute and often devotes time and resources to training the next generation of chefs and restaurant owners. With his reality show “Beat Bobby Flay,” he continues to present cooking as a fun and important life skill that everyone should have.

  3. He is not done yet

    Sixteen reality shows, 16 restaurants, 20 cookbooks, four Emmys, and three decades of experience in the kitchen is an impressive resume. But Flay isn’t done yet. He is ready to explore another side of entrepreneurship with Made by Nacho, a premium cat food brand, and multiple other unannounced projects.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He’s the “Iron Chef” of America

    Bobby Flay has appeared on the “Iron Chef” more than 17 times and has won more titles than any other competitor.

  2. He’s a celebrated celebrity chef

    Flay is the first-ever celebrity chef to receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

  3. He has fed the president

    Flay has cooked for former President Barack Obama on two occasions.

  4. He was an executive chef at 20

    Flay was handed over the responsibility of managing the menu and staff of a restaurant when he was only 20 years old.

  5. He’s a lifelong fan of barbecue

    Grilling and open-flame barbecue are integral to Flay’s style of cooking.

Bobby Flay FAQs

Is Bobby Flay on “Masterchef America?”

Flay has never been on the “Masterchef” franchise. He has appeared on more than 16 cooking-related shows on the Food Network.

Is Mesa Grill NYC still open?

He shut down Mesa Grill after 16 years of operation and is transitioning to a fresh palette with a brand-new menu.

Does Bobby Flay have any children?

Flay has a daughter with his second wife, Kate Connelly. Sophie Flay, born in 1996, has appeared on numerous reality shows and has written a book in collaboration with her father.

Bobby Flay’s birthday dates

2024December 10Tuesday
2025December 10Wednesday
2026December 10Thursday
2027December 10Friday
2028December 10Sunday

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