Kim Porter

Kimberly Porter, better known as Kim Porter, born on December 15, 1970, was the ex-partner of Sean Combs, better known as P.Diddy, and the mother of his children. Sure, some people don’t know that this talented actress, model, and entrepreneur shone with her power in the entertainment world and that her partners were never an impediment or a platform for her to chart her path. So, if you don’t know what we’re referring to, we invite you to read on because we celebrate the day Porter came into the world.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kimberly Porter

Birth date:

December 15, 1970

Death date:

November 15, 2018 (age 47)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Net Worth:

$2 million


Kimberly Porter, better known as Kim Porter, born December 15, 1970, was a model born in Columbus, Georgia. She breezed through Columbus High School while attending college until she relocated to Atlanta. Following that, Porter committed herself to her studies so she could pursue her genuine passions — acting and modeling. Her beauty and commitment to the profession made it easy for her. It wasn’t long before some agencies noticed her and became interested in adding her to their ranks. Since then, Porter was included in multiple commercial campaigns and appeared on international-renowned fashion covers.

She worked alongside Naomi Campbell, Veronica Webb, and Kimora Lee Simmons, to name a few. She appeared on the covers of “Essence” magazine and “Runway” once she got signed by the modeling agency Wilhelmina Agency and participated in commercial projects for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Revlon. A few years passed until 2001, when she finally realized her other dream, acting. “The Brothers” was her film debut, and it wasn’t until five years later that she had another role in a thriller. Despite her small role, Porter caused enough of a stir to land a role in “Wicked, Wicked Games,” produced by MyNetworkTV. After a few minor roles, she landed a leading role in the series “Mama I Want to Sing.” After this upturn, her acting career shifted to a more technical side of the entertainment industry as she began producing projects about her then-husband, P. Diddy.

On the private life front, Porter had two essential relationships during her lifetime and a total of five children, the first one with Albert Joseph Brown III, better known as Al B, and the second with P.Diddy. After separating in 2007, Porter moved away from the spotlight to devote herself to raising her children in a quieter space. The years passed until she was tragically found dead in 2018.

Career timeline

Her Debut Film

Porter makes her big-screen debut in the romance drama "The Brothers," directed by Gary Hardwick.

She Lands Her Second Role

Porter lands her second role in the thriller, “The System Within.”

2006 — 2007
Her Recurring Role

Porter plays the recurring role of Violet Walker in “Wicked, Wicked Games,” which only lasts two years.

Her Lead Role

Porter lands the lead role in the musical drama “Mama, I Want To Sing.”

Her Last Role

Porter plays her last role in “Single Ladies.”

She Passes Away

Porter tragically dies on November 15.

Why We Love Kim Porter

  1. She was a dedicated mother

    Once Porter separated from P.Diddy, she didn't try to gain fame at his expense. Quite the contrary, she even decided to take a few steps back from her position in the industry to dedicate herself to raising and caring for her children.

  2. She always supported her husband

    Instead of using her husband as a platform for her benefit, Porter supported him by helping to co-create the documentary that would show the world what it was like on the road to success. Even after they split, she offered him support.

  3. She’s a talented and hard-working woman

    In addition to her achievements in the art and entertainment world, Porter founded Ultra-Tainment, better known as Three Brown Girls, along with Eboni Electra and Nicole Johnson. Three Brown Girls is a woman and Veteran-owned and operated business that caters to those obsessed with fashion.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has twins

    Porter had little D'Lila Star and Jessie James Combs with her then-husband P. Diddy.

  2. A volatile love

    With P. Diddy, Porter was part of one of the most volatile media relationships of recent years.

  3. Porter and P.Diddy remained close

    After their split, Porter and P.Diddy put their differences aside for the sake of their children.

  4. She died young

    Porter was only 47 when she passed away.

  5. She produced P.Diddy's documentary

    Porter created the documentary that details P.Diddy’s ascent to fame worldwide.

Kim Porter FAQs

How did Kim Porter die?

The cause is still not fully clarified, but according to different reports, Porter suffered from pneumonia a few days before her unfortunate passing.

What did P.Diddy say about Porter's death?

He stated through his Instagram account how sorry he was about the death of his ex-partner and that he could never explain their relationship.

Where was Kim Porter when she died?

She was found at her home in Toluca Lake, California.

Kim Porter’s birthday dates

2024December 15Sunday
2025December 15Monday
2026December 15Tuesday
2027December 15Wednesday
2028December 15Friday

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