Don Johnson

Don Johnson, born on December 15, 1949, is an American singer, producer, director, actor, and songwriter. He struggled to break into the limelight but once he did, he kept succeeding. He has won various awards and nominations for his work. He won the Saturn Award for ‘Best Actor’ in 1975, the Golden Globe Awards for his onscreen exploits in 1986, and he received his own spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame a decade later, in 1996. We will help you celebrate this iconic Hollywood star’s birthday right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Donnie Wayne Johnson


Don Johnson

Birth date:

December 15, 1949



Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$50 million

Donnie's Social Media:


Don Johnson is a household name in the American movie industry. He is a talented actor who has spent many years enjoying success as a result of his hard work. The handsome actor is also a talented singer and has a great sense of humor. Donnie Wayne Johnson was born on December 15, 1949, in Flat Creek, Barry County, Missouri. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and he has English, Scottish, Irish, German, Dutch, and French Huguenot ancestry. His parents are Wayne Johnson and Nell Johnson; they had him as teenagers. He grew up in abject poverty in Wichita, Kansas, where his parents farmed.

Later, he attended Wichita South High School in 1967 and proceeded to the University of Kansas to study theater. Johnson dropped out of college after one year and headed to the American Conservatory Theater, a nonprofit theater company in San Francisco, California. Johnson got his first acting role in 1969 in the production of the stage play “Fortune and Men’s Eyes.” During this period, Johnson acted in many movies, one of which was “A Boy and His Dog” (1975), but he didn’t become the movie star he wanted to become.

His breakthrough role came in 1984 when he landed the lead role in “Miami Vice,” a police T.V. series. While shooting the series, Johnson participated in another project — the 1985 remake of “The Long, Hot Summer.” He also released his first single, ‘Heartbeat,’ during this period. Having many projects circulating in the same period greatly improved his profile. Between 1996 and 2001, Johnson began acting in another police drama, “Nash Bridges.” He was a part-owner of the series, and his ownership led to legal problems later on, making him sue Rysher Entertainment, the production company, for $23 million. The lawsuit was later settled for $19 million in 2013.

Career timeline

His Breakthrough Role

Johnson is thrust into the limelight with “Miami Vice.”

His First Single

He releases his first single, and it gets to number five on the Billboard Chart.

“Nash Bridges”

He stars in “Nash Bridges,” another cop T.V. series.

He Wins a Settlement

After winning in court against Rysher Entertainment, Johnson receives an out-of-court payment of $19 million.

Why We Love Don Johnson

  1. He doesn't like war

    Johnson narrowly escaped being drafted into the Vietnam War. However, he was always part of the peace movement, and he believed war was an obsolete activity.

  2. He advocates for Vietnam veterans

    Acting in "Cease Fire" (1985) helped Johnson see things from the perspective of Vietnam veterans. As a result, he has asked for people to support them and render any assistance they can.

  3. He engages in humanitarian projects

    Johnson participated in various humanitarian projects. He wants to make the world a better place than when he found it.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He suddenly paid off a debt

    When he was a few hours from losing his ranch to foreclosure, Johnson cleared off a $14 million debt.

  2. He loves pecan pies

    His favorite meal at the Thanksgiving dinner table is pecan pie.

  3. He is a professional powerboat racer

    He won the World Offshore Powerboat Championship in 1988 in an 1100-mile race down the Mississippi.

  4. He was suspected of money laundering

    Johnson was arrested by German border patrol agents on suspicion of money laundering but was let go after investigations were completed.

  5. He hopes to work with his daughter

    His daughter, Dakota Johnson, is an amazing actress, and he hopes to share a scene with her one day.

Don Johnson FAQs

How many times did Don Johnson marry?

Johnson was married to four women on five occasions. However, his first two marriages were annulled.

How old was Don Johnson when he met Melanie Griffith?

Johnson was 22 years old, while Griffith was 15 years old. They got married when Griffith turned 18.

Why did Don Johnson cut off Dakota Johnson?

Johnson decided to cut his daughter off financially after high school. He made that decision because she said she wouldn’t go to college.

Don Johnson’s birthday dates

2024December 15Sunday
2025December 15Monday
2026December 15Tuesday
2027December 15Wednesday
2028December 15Friday

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