August 16th Birthdays

We have 9 birthdays listed for August 16.

August 16 is the 228th day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, the first color sound cartoon was released, the first issue of Sports Illustrated was published, and Pete Best was ousted from the Beatles and replaced by Ringo Starr. Famous birthdays include Madonna, Steve Carell, and James Cameron. August 16 also marks National Rum Day and National Tell A Joke Day.


Sophie Michelle’s Birthday

This young star is just getting started and hundreds of thousands agree she’s going places!


SpyCakes’s Birthday

We may not know this YouTuber’s real name but his skill in online gaming is legendary


Shubham Goel’s Birthday

This reality star entertains fans with his wit, sass, and humor on social media.


Madonna’s Birthday

Thanks to her fantastic musical talent, Madonna has carved her own path to success.


Kathie Lee Gifford’s Birthday

Today, we’re celebrating this incredible T.V. host, actress, singer, and author.


Charles Bukowski’s Birthday

This renowned poet is about to make your day with his timeless pieces.


Angela Bassett’s Birthday

Today we celebrate a diva, a big screen icon, and a worldwide role model for actresses.