April 1st Birthdays

We have 6 birthdays listed for April 1.

April 1st is the 91st day in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of the ending of the Spanish Civil War and the creation of the United States Air Force Academy. Famous April 1st birthdays include Debbie Reynolds, Rachel Maddow, David Oyelowo, Taran Killam, and Logan Paul. April 1st also marks April Fools’ Day.

Randy Orton’s Birthday

This professional wrestler’s legacy will remain timeless and relevant to future generations.


Rachel Maddow’s Birthday

Rachel Maddow’s had an incredible T.V. and radio career — and it's only getting better.


Logan Paul’s Birthday

Paul has entertained the world since he was 10-years old — and he's not stopping.


Jonny May’s Birthday

May is one of England's best players and he has a career of wins behind him.