National Coaches Day – October 12, 2019

Sat Oct 12

Coaches play an invaluable role in the development of children in sports. But that’s just the beginning. In addition to athletic coaches, there are many other professions with a title as coach. Life coaches, profession coaches, and personal coaches all make an impact on our growth as individuals. What better way to thank these professionals for their dedication, patience, and care than with a day of appreciation? Join us for National Coaches Day on October 6 to celebrate the coaches in your life.

National Coaches Day - History


​Coaching is a hot profession

​As of 2016, there were over 271,000 professional sports coaches in the U.S.


​National Coaches Day made official

​President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation declaring October 6 as National Coaches Day.


​"Coaching" becomes a verb

​Oxford University adopts the word "coaching" as the process of preparing someone for academic or athletic success.

National Coaches Day Activities

  1. Thank a Coach

    Write a note of thanks, give an appropriate gift, host a themed party, or say a simple "thank you." Whether coaching is their profession or they volunteer, coaches deserve recognition and a little love for what they do!

  2. Become a Coach

    Find a volunteer opportunity or a job near you and fill it. Join the ranks of coaches across the country that make lasting impressions on their players. Change the lives of others through fun!

  3. Join a team

    Coaching not for you? Join a team and let a coach make an impact on you. Enjoy camaraderie and sportsmanship while participating in the activity you love.

​3 Out-of-the-Box Coaching Gigs

  1. ​Become a life coach

    ​With a bit of training and a personality that thrives on helping others, you can become a life coach and help people set goals for their personal and professional dreams.

  2. ​Try out business coaching

    ​If you’re business-minded, check out a profession as a business coach — consulting and advising businesses for better structure, cohesive work environments, and more profitable growth.

  3. ​Share your knowledge as a career coach

    Career coaching is great for someone who excels in their field and desires to better those in the same field through one-to-one or group coaching.

Why We Love National Coaches Day

  1. We get to officially thank a coach

    Youth coaches spend their time planning, training, educating, and molding kids from toddlers through adults. They encourage others to rise to new challenges, and push us out of our comfort zones to grow and develop beyond our imagination. Coaches are friends, role models, counselors, and cheerleaders. National Coaches Day gives us an official reason to say "thank you."

  2. We consider a coaching role

    Have you ever considered becoming a coach? National Coaches Day gives us a chance to highlight coaches and familiarize ourselves with the many opportunities to step into this role — professionally or on a volunteer basis.

  3. We see the value of sports in development

    Sports can have a valuable impact on personal development. We can learn to be team players, putting others’ needs ahead of our own. Sports can boost self-confidence and provide an outlet for negative emotions. National Coaches Day celebrates all that, and the people who make it possible.

National Coaches Day dates
2019October 12Saturday
2020October 12Monday
2021October 12Tuesday
2022October 12Wednesday
2023October 12Thursday