October 9th Birthdays

We have 10 birthdays listed for October 9.

October 9th is the 282nd day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day Mission:Space opened in Disney World; the National Guard was called in to quell protests in Chicago over the Chicago Eight, and the Siege of Antwerp during World War II came to an end. Famous October 9th birthdays include John Lennon and Bella Hadid. Today is Mysore Dasara and World Post Day.

Sharon Osbourne’s Birthday

This straight-taking star rose to fame for her appearances on popular reality television shows.


Lecrae Moore’s Birthday

This Grammy award-winning rapper might’ve started as a rebel; he has however risen to the top!


Scotty McCreery’s Birthday

Winning is in this talented country musician’s legacy, and nothing can stop him.


John Lennon’s Birthday

Who doesn't love John Lennon? Let's get a closer look into his life.


Jackson Browne’s Birthday

This exceptional musician, songwriter, and activist has sold over 18 million records in the United States.


Eddie Guerrero’s Birthday

This legendary wrestler was well-known for his magnetic personality and wrestling capabilities.


Cody Jones’s Birthday

This skillful YouTuber has become widely known for being one of the members of Dude Perfect.


Bella Hadid’s Birthday

Want to know all about supermodel Bella Hadid? We have the scoop!