National Sisters Day – August 4, 2019

Sun Aug 4

When the group, Sister Sledge, sang “I’ve got all my sisters with me,” it could have been an ode to National Sisters Day which is always celebrated on the first Sunday of August. This year  it falls on August 4. 

We need our sisters and they need us! Maybe you have an older sister that you look to for guidance or you have a younger sister  looking to you for inspiration. Whatever the circumstance, nothing can quite compare to the bond that sisters have.  National Sisters Day  is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the sisters who make such a difference in our lives. So, honor your sister today with a card, a visit or a hug. 


National Sisters Day Activities

  1. Reach out

    If you can't spend time with your sister in person, taking the time to call or send a card is the best gift you can give her. She'll love you just for making the effort!

  2. Be a good listener

    Quiet, attentive listening is important through good times and bad. Empathy and attention can go a long way from one sister to another.

  3. Go on an adventure

    Try something new together. What better way to bond with your sister than to push some boundaries? You know that your sister will have your back!

Why We Love National Sisters Day

  1. It's a time to fix any misunderstandings

    Arguments happen. So take this day to reconnect, if necessary, because it's going to feel great when you can "hug it out" again.

  2. No sister? No problem

    While it may seem like National Sisters Day is only for people who have biological sisters, your best friend can be just as close. Treat her like a sister!

  3. Cherish the memories

    Life is busy, but use National Sisters Day as the opportunity to go through your old photos (and videos) and remember the good times. Then, make plans to go somewhere fun and do it all again.