National Sisters Day – August 5, 2018

First Sunday in August

Maybe you have an older sister that you look to for guidance. Maybe you have a younger sister who is looking to you for inspiration. Whatever the circumstance, nothing can quite compare to the bond that sisters have. So on the first Sunday in August, let’s celebrate National Sisters Day — a day to recognize the sisters that make such a difference in our lives.

When is National Sisters Day 2018?

National Sisters Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, every year. In 2018 this means it falls upon in August 5, but in 2019 it will fall upon August 4. 

How to Celebrate National Sisters Day

1. Call or send a card to your sister
That's right pick up the phone or write a card to your sister. Since it's so uncommon to receive things in the mail the extra special effort that it takes will make all the difference in the world. If you can't spend time with your sister in person, taking some time out to call or send a letter or card is the best gift you can give her on National Sisters Day!

2. Take your sister out to dinner
Carve out some time from your schedule to spend some time with your sister. Really the best gift you can give to you sister is to spend time catching up with her, listening to her worries, triumphs, and plans. Spend quality time and keep that bond strong.

3. Go on an adventure with your sister
Take a class together, go out kayaking together, try something new together. What better way to bond with your sister than to try pushing boundaries and learning together. Besides, you may end up with some good stories from it too!

Why We Love National Sisters Day

A. You can reconnect or patch up any misunderstandings
Arguments happen. Misunderstandings happen. So take this day to reconnect and patch it all up with your sister. Because isn't it going to feel great when you can 'hug it out' again?

B. You can still celebrate even if you don't have a sister
While it may seem like National Sisters Day is only for people who have biological sisters, your best friend that you've known since high school can be as close as a sister. Take some time today to send some love to your chosen sisters in your life.

C. Cherish the memories and make plans to create new ones
Life is busy, but use National Sisters Day as the opportunity to go through your old photo albums and remember the good times. Give your sister a call up and have a laugh about that time you two played a prank on mom! And while you're at it, you should make plans to go somewhere fun and do it all again.

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