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SatAug 3

Big Forehead Day – August 3, 2024

Big Forehead Day is celebrated on August 3. It raises a toast to well-endowed foreheads, deemed unattractive and shamed for far too long. The holiday aims to reclaim the marvelous big, bold, and beautiful forehead and help people begin to love what they have.

History of Big Forehead Day

A large forehead is considered a sign of intelligence and beauty in some cultures but downright unsightly in others. Even though ideas of aesthetics may vary from country to country, one thing is sure: fashion police abound in every era. Take, for instance, the women in the Renaissance. A prominent forehead was one of the most notable beauty trends of the time. Portraits of women from this period feature high foreheads, hinting at their beauty. But like most trends, the big forehead trend was fascinating and excruciating. It involved women plucking away at their hairline to get a large forehead. Some women plucked not only their hairline but all traces of their eyebrows, which eventually caused those hairs never to grow again.

Similarly, a few centuries later, Queen Elizabeth I became notorious for having a large forehead, which she displayed within an inch of its life. Since she was queen and dictated the fashions of that time, large foreheads became the “it” thing. Everyone from noblewomen to maids copied her style, some even going as far as removing hair from their hairline permanently. But that’s not the only time large foreheads were popular. Hindus have believed for thousands of years that large foreheads lead to increased success.

So, the bottom line is that beauty ideals come and go from time to time and culture to culture. Large foreheads usually run in the family, like the color of your eyes — a family inheritance. They’re unique to you and your family. So, ditch the haters and embrace that beautiful large forehead. Take inspiration from the fabulous Rihanna or Tyra Banks and rock that prominent forehead!

Big Forehead Day timeline

Large Foreheads Become Popular in Renaissance Art

The painting of Saint Justina of Padua features her in exquisite clothing, jewelry, and an amazingly high forehead.

Queen Elizabeth I Rocks a Large Forehead

The prominent forehead trend remains popular, with the Queen of England taking great pains to maintain her perfect hairline.

Large Foreheads Appear on T.V.

Christina Ricci and her forehead are flawless in “Addams Family Values.”

Rihanna Has No Time for Forehead Haters

A follower writes, “Your forehead shines brighter than my future," to which Rihanna responds, "There’s still hope for you yet then."

Big Forehead Day FAQs

Is it lucky to have a big forehead?

Yes. According to feng shui, a prominent forehead indicates good fortune, power, and wealth.

Do big foreheads mean a big brain?

Research conducted at Edinburgh University shows that people with big foreheads may have higher than average intelligence. The larger the head (and, by extension, the brain), the higher a person’s I.Q.

Is forehead size genetic?

Yes. If large foreheads run in the family, the odds of children having big foreheads are high.

Big Forehead Day Activities

  1. Flaunt your forehead

    Put an extra product or highlighter on that money maker today. Anyone with mean things to say is probably just projecting. If not, you’re better off without them.

  2. Ditch toxicity

    The beauty industry feeds on and profits from your insecurities. So, ditch everything toxic on the holiday. Focus on your beauty.

  3. Take baby steps

    Still conscious about your forehead? Try out new hairstyles. A chic side parting is a good place to start.

5 Facts About Foreheads That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. They’re a blank canvas

    Women in ancient Egypt traced designs on their foreheads to depict varying emotions and states of mind; you can do that too!

  2. They’re the literal meaning of lowbrow

    Early humans like the Neanderthals had smaller foreheads and low brows — often a sign of primitivism.

  3. They’re a site of spirituality

    Christians smear ash on their foreheads on the first day of Lent, while Hindus believe our third eye resides in the forehead.

  4. They facilitate empathy

    Scientists believe our foreheads became distinct to help our eyebrows “speak” and emote freely.

  5. They’re a sign of evolution

    Agile brows and smooth foreheads distinguish us from every human ancestor.

Why We Love Big Forehead Day

  1. It holds up a mirror

    It’s startling how people choose to fixate on something as innocuous as foreheads. National Big Forehead Day helps us realize that there are better things to do and worse things to endure.

  2. It reclaims toxic narratives

    So much of our negative self-talk comes from the world around us. National Big Forehead Day takes power away from toxic influences and gives it back to us.

  3. It reconsiders ideas of self-worth

    The more we normalize big foreheads, the less they impact your self-esteem. So, reclaim the beauty and uniqueness of your forehead and realize that nobody has it but you.

Big Forehead Day dates

2024August 3Saturday
2025August 3Sunday
2026August 3Monday
2027August 3Tuesday
2028August 3Thursday

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