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TueDec 17

National Maple Syrup Day Canada – December 17, 2024

National Maple Syrup Day Canada, celebrated on December 17, is a day that revolves around the creation and use of maple syrup. This natural ingredient was created more than 600 years ago and has been consumed for various reasons ever since. The syrup is made from tree sap that comes from the maple tree. It is often used as a flavoring agent in breakfast items.

The maple leaf is quite significant to Canada as it is the national emblem. The country is also the greatest exporter of maple syrup. Canadian Maple Syrup Day was created to recognize the syrup’s origins, nutritional value, and more.

History of National Maple Syrup Day Canada

There are many stories revolving around the origins of maple syrup. One of the stories is that the wife of an Indian tribal chief in North America accidentally served her husband maple sap instead of water. Another legend suggests that a woman found sap dripping from a maple tree and knowingly used it to cook a piece of meat for her husband.

However, the first known written records that mention maple syrup are from 1557 mentions maple sugaring in North America. In the 1700s, carved-out logs collected sap dripping from the maple tree. By the 1800s, these logs were replaced by wooden buckets, making the process easier. During the American civil war, people also started using metal buckets as they were more convenient for boiling maple sap.

With improved extraction technology, many industries emerged that developed maple syrup. By the 1950s, wooden and metal containers were replaced by plastic ones. Vacuum systems of the twenty-first century increased maple syrup production by multiple folds. With abundant maple trees, Canada started producing maple syrup rapidly and soon became the world’s biggest exporter of maple syrup.

There were different gradings of Canadian maple syrup; extra light, light, medium, amber dark. Canadian Maple Syrup Day was created as a dedication to this tasty syrup. In Canada, many festivals related to maple syrup are organized. The Sugarbush, Elmira, Buckhorn Maplefest, and Powassen are popular celebratory maple syrup practices in Canada. Canadian Maple Syrup Day was created as a dedication to this tasty syrup.

National Maple Syrup Day Canada timeline

600 A.D.
The Origins of Maple Syrup

Indigenous Indian tribes of North America use maple sap for hydration instead of water.

Maple syrup is recorded

French explorer Andre Thevet documents maple syrup in his writings.

Wooden buckets are used

Maple sap is stored in wooden buckets instead of hollow wooden logs.

Canadian Maple Syrup Day

Canadian Maple Syrup Day recognizes the diversity of the ingredient.

National Maple Syrup Day Canada FAQs

Which month is considered to be optimal for maple sap collection?

March is considered the best time of the year to collect maple syrup. In March, the temperatures stay above freezing point and below at night. This is optimal for the collection of sap.

Will maple syrup production ever cease?

Maple trees are not endangered. However, some close relatives of the maple tree are endangered due to deforestation.

What is the difference between Canadian and American maple syrup?

Both countries produce high-quality maple syrups. The only difference lies in the grading system. In Canada, the grades are extra light, light, medium, amber, and dark. In contrast, the grades in the U.S. are light amber, medium amber, and dark amber.

National Maple Syrup Day Canada Activities

  1. Eat Canadian Maple Syrup

    What better way to celebrate Canadian Maple Syrup Day than to eat breakfast or snacks along with some smooth, delicious Canadian maple syrup! Have it with pancakes or enjoy it with smoothies.

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know that you're celebrating this day. Take pictures of you enjoying Canadian maple syrup with friends and family and post them on your social media page. You can also write blog posts on Canadian maple syrup and post them online.

  3. Learn more about Canadian maple syrup

    Use this day to improve your knowledge. Read more about the history of how maple syrup came into existence and its impact on American lifestyles and food choices.

5 Facts About Maple Syrup That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It is healthy

    Maple syrup is enriched with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and magnesium.

  2. It played a role in WWII

    Sugar was limited during World War II, and people were encouraged to use maple syrup instead of sugar.

  3. A Maple Farm is called a ‘sugarbush’

    A maple syrup farm is called a ‘sugarbush.’

  4. Quebec is the largest producer

    With an annual production of 7,989,000 gallons, Quebec is the largest producer of maple syrup globally.

  5. Not all maple trees can produce syrups

    Not all species of maple trees in Canada can be used for maple syrup production.

Why We Love National Maple Syrup Day Canada

  1. It allows us to appreciate this tasty syrup

    Maple syrups are used in almost all households as an accompaniment to breakfast. Yet, we feel that it is not appreciated enough. This day gives us a chance to recognize the importance of this tasty syrup in our diet.

  2. It gives us a chance to try out something new

    This day gives us a chance to do something different from our monotonous daily routine. Even if you are someone who enjoys maple syrup every day, there are still many new recipes for you to try!

  3. It gives us a chance to improve our knowledge

    This is also a day of learning. This day allows us to learn more about Canadian maple syrup and how they influence our diet. When you dive into the topic of maple syrup and its history, you uncover many amazing facts and stories along the way.

National Maple Syrup Day Canada dates

2024December 17Tuesday
2025December 17Wednesday
2026December 17Thursday
2027December 17Friday
2028December 17Sunday

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