National Free Shipping Day – December 14, 2019

Fri Dec 14

What’s not to love about National Free Shipping Day? It’s an annual one-day promotional event that always occurs in mid-December. About 1,000 online retailers take part in the”shop-a-thon” by offering free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. You can shop ’til you drop by getting everything online; plus, there are no sky-high shipping rates. Pay only for what you actually buy, let someone else handle the extra costs, and get set to save big.

National Free Shipping Day - History


​Free Shipping Day celebrated a 10-year anniversary

​Free Shipping Day’s sponsors marked a decade of success by launching their coupon website.


Online retailers waived minimum order requirements

​After hearing from consumers, the National Free Shipping Day sponsors said retailers had to remove all minimum order thresholds if they wanted to participate in the event.


​National Free Shipping Day beat Black Friday in online sales

National ​Free Shipping Day online sales exceeded Black Friday sales by $294 million, bringing in the third- highest revenue in online sales to date.


​National Free Shipping Day launched

​Luke Knowles created National Free Shipping Day as a way to trigger increased online holiday sales without shipping fees for consumers.


​Pizza Hut jumped into cyberspace offering online shopping

We all have Pizza Hut to thank for being the first store to offer online shopping on the web.

National Free Shipping Day Activities

  1. Plan your online shopping splurge

    Holiday shopping rules are still basically the same. You come up with a budget and work hard to stick with it. National Free Shipping Day allows you to buy all the things you've been thinking about throughout the year from the comfort of home. The easiest part is merely whipping out that credit card and making the purchase (without a shipping fee, of course).

  2. Skype with friends while you shop

    We are so lucky to live in a time where technology actually makes life easier. Celebrate National Free Shipping Day by gathering a couple of friends and shopping together via Skype or FaceTime. Need an opinion on that new outfit, or are you concerned about the shoes? Make group online shopping a thing.

  3. Cook while you shop

    National Free Shipping Day lets you sit at home and while away the hours looking at all the things you want to buy at considerable savings. But you aren't held captive — so multi-task. Bake your favorite cookies or whip up a gourmet meal. Then, get online and make your shipping-free purchases while everything's simmering. Just don't get distracted and burn your meal.

3 Reasons You'll Save On National Free Shipping Day

  1. ​Special shipping costs a fortune

    FedEx offers same-day delivery to all 50 states, every day of the year, as long as money is no object (prepare for extravagant shipping fees).

  2. ​Shippers need fleets of expensive aircraft

    ​Both FedEx and UPS combined have a fleet of 1,173 aircraft — just under’s Delta’s 1,280 planes.

  3. ​Shipping is a never-ending job

    ​There are at least 20 million shipping containers crisscrossing the world as we speak.

Why We Love National Free Shipping Day

  1. It's a winning idea

    National Free Shipping Day is the brainchild of Colorado entrepreneur Luke Knowles — who noticed that online shopping slowed to a crawl just before the middle of December. He discovered that shoppers were afraid orders wouldn’t arrive in time for Christmas and there would be astronomical shipping fees as well. Knowles solved the problem by creating National Free Shipping Day, a one-day online event that consistently blows out Black Friday sales — meaning a win for both merchants and consumers.

  2. Online shopping is convenient

    National Free Shipping Day features over 1,000 big-name and niche online retailers from which to choose. You can sit in the comfort of your home or office and get everything you need for family and friends. Since the retailers have waived their shipping fees, all you pay for is the merchandise. Prepare for the thanks you'll get when everybody receives their gifts on time!

  3. Use your coupons

    Many retailers will be promoting additional savings with coupons. Unlike in the past, coupon clipping is now just a click away. At the checkout stand, simply add in the promo code and take advantage of superior savings.