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ThuMay 8

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day – May 8, 2025

This year’s National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day is observed on May 8. It is an annual event that occurs on the Thursday of the first full week of May. It is a day to raise awareness of the importance of every child’s mental health. Mental health is a serious issue in modern societies. The mental health of children is even more so. According to the data from the C.D.C., one in six children between the ages of two and eight has a mental or behavioral disorder. Children are the most precious thing in the world. Children with serious mental illness and severe emotional disturbance need full-time care and treatment. Even the family of such a child needs help to cope with the situation. This is a day to help them by encouraging them into therapy. Conditions like A.D.H.D. as well as anxiety and behavioral disorders can be diagnosed and treated to help the child have a better life.

History of National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

During the middle ages, mental health conditions were not properly diagnosed or treated. Religious authorities considered people with mental diseases possessed.

Now that we have developed a better understanding of mental conditions, we neither stigmatize mental illness nor go confining mentally ill people. In the fifth century B.C., Hippocrates contributed to this change. He tried to change the occupation and environment of the ill person and sometimes used certain substances as medicine.

In 1909, Clifford Beers founded Mental Health America (M.H.A.). The organization sponsored research efforts to develop a better understanding of conditions. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (S.A.M.H.S.A.) hosted the first National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day in 2005.

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day timeline

National Committee For Mental Hygiene

Clifford Beers starts the National Committee for Mental Hygiene in the U.S.

National Mental Health Act

Harry Truman signs the National Mental Health Act.

Community-Based Mental Health Services

Congress passes the Mental Retardation Facilities and Community Health Centers Construction Act for the development of community-based mental health services.

The National Alliance For the Mentally Ill

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill supports educating and caring for people with serious psychiatric conditions.

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day FAQs

What affects a child's mental health?

There are a lot of factors. Genetic conditions, neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse, parental mental health, etc.

What is mental health?

Mental health can be defined as a balance of emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It can affect our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Why is being mentally healthy important?

To enjoy life. To create a positive impact on the people around you. To respond well to any circumstances that could happen in life.

How to Observe National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

  1. Help a child

    Help a child who suffers from mental health problems. Let him know that you are there to help and that he is not alone.

  2. Create mental health check campaigns

    There are mental health conditions like A.D.H.D. and anxiety which children usually will not be aware of. Conduct a mental health check campaign to help people realize their status.

  3. Donate

    There are a lot of N.G.O.s working for the welfare of children and their mental health. Arrange a fundraiser to help support these N.G.O.s and their activities.

5 Facts About Children's Mental Health You Should Know

  1. A.D.H.D.

    Around 9.8% of children in the U.S. suffer from A.D.H.D.

  2. Depression

    There are approximately 2.7 million depressed children in the U.S.

  3. Treatment

    Only eight in ten children receive treatment for depression.

  4. On the rise

    Anxiety and depression in children increased from 5.4% to 8.4% in 10 years.

  5. Visible by 14

    50% of mental health problems are visible by the age of 14.

Why National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is Important

  1. It’s a day for children

    There is no greater cause than helping a child and saving them from suffering alone. This can protect them from living with any long-lasting crippling mental conditions.

  2. It spreads mental health awareness

    A mental health check is important for everyone, not just children. Some conditions can ruin the quality of life if not treated early. A mental health check could be life-changing.

  3. It leads to widespread improvement

    By celebrating this day, we are effectively raising awareness to make more people undergo treatment. The general support for children will also increase.

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day dates

2022May 5Thursday
2023May 11Thursday
2024May 9Thursday
2025May 8Thursday
2026May 7Thursday

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