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Kiss Day – February 13, 2023

Kiss Day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day on February 13 every year. It is a part of Valentine’s week celebrations. There are many types of kisses, and it is the easiest way to communicate your love for someone. You may give a friend a quick friendly peck on the cheek, or enjoy a long, passionate smooch with your partner. Kiss Day celebrates the affection between people and the role of kisses in cultures across the world. Celebrate Kiss Day the way it is meant to be celebrated, with pecks and kisses!

History of Kiss Day

We celebrate Kiss Day every February 13, and it is a good time to remember that romantic kissing isn’t the only kind of kissing! There are many kinds of kisses that are exchanged in traditions across the world. Among high society, it is quite common and perfectly acceptable to greet with a kiss on each cheek, a tradition that goes way back before the New World was even discovered. It is also common to kiss young children as a show of affection.

Kissing has played an important role in social bonding and converting affection without having to say anything. Celebrating Kiss Day is so easy! All you have to do is give a kiss to your partner, friends, family, and your pets! Nowadays, most people spend their time in front of a screen, and people are becoming lonelier — a kiss might be all we need to bridge the gaps that have emerged from our busy lifestyles.

Lucky for us, kissing has many health benefits, too! Both mental health and physical well-being are important, and kissing benefits both. You might not know this, but kissing can burn up to 6.4 calories per minute. Who needs the gym when you can kiss often? Another great thing about kissing is how it transcends cultural norms. Everybody loves a kiss, regardless of the country or customs. It is a universal language of expressing love — and when language fails, a kiss will come to your rescue!

Kiss Day timeline

1500 B.C.
The First Record of Kisses

Kisses are recorded in Vedic Sanskrit scriptures from India.

Forbidden Kisses

At the Council of Vienna, Pope Clement V forbids using the kiss as a gesture of peace in the Holy Mass.

“The Kiss”

May Irwin and Joe Rice give the first on-screen movie kisses to each other in this movie.

Open-Mouth Kissing

The French add the word ‘galocher’ to French dictionaries to refer to open-mouth kissing.

Kiss Day FAQs

Why do we kiss on the lips?

Kissing triggers your brain to release a cocktail of chemicals that leave you feeling good by igniting the brain’s pleasure centers.

How long does a kiss last?

Today, an average kiss lasts more than 12 seconds.

What is a French Kiss?

A French kiss (also called a tongue kiss, a deep kiss, or making out) is a kiss in which one or both partners use their tongues to stimulate each other’s mouths for mutual sexual pleasure.

Kiss Day Activities

  1. Ask for consent

    Before you set out to exchange kisses on Kiss Day, you must ensure that you have the consent of the person you will be kissing. Respect a person’s decision if they refuse.

  2. Kiss those you love

    After receiving consent for a kiss, celebrate Kiss Day by kissing your loved ones. Smooch your partner, give a peck to your friends and family, kiss your children, and don’t forget to plant a kiss on your pet too!

  3. Switch up your style

    On Kiss Day, try switching up your kissing style. Experiment with something new or revisit a kissing style that you do not practice anymore. It could be fun to experiment with your partner!

5 Interesting Facts About Kisses

  1. Some people really love long kisses

    The longest recorded kiss lasted for 58 hours and 35 minutes.

  2. Kissing is studied

    There is a branch of study called philematology.

  3. Every person has a unique kissing style

    Kiss prints can be used in court as identification and evidence by the police.

  4. Kissing is good for oral health

    Human saliva has a lot of minerals in it, which might have antibacterial properties.

  5. Kissing facilitates microbe exchange

    80 million different kinds of microbes are exchanged while kissing.

Why We Love Kiss Day

  1. Conveying affection

    We celebrate Kiss Day to convey affection without having to say anything. It is a simple, sweet way to remind people how much you care about them. A kiss is a sweet and wonderful gesture.

  2. A cultural phenomenon

    Kiss Day is also a great time to remember that kissing needs not only be romantic. It has its roots in several cultures and traditions where kisses symbolize affection and respect.

  3. It’s good for health

    Kissing releases dopamine, helps burn calories, strengthens our immune systems, and is generally good for our health. Who would not want to celebrate Kiss Day — the reasons in its favor are so many!

Kiss Day dates

2023February 13Monday
2024February 13Tuesday
2025February 13Thursday
2026February 13Friday
2027February 13Saturday

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