June 1st Birthdays

We have 6 birthdays listed for June 1.

June 1st is the 152nd day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day Cable News Network (CNN) aired its first broadcast; the European Central Bank was founded in Brussels, and the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Famous June 1st birthdays include Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, and Andy Griffith. Today is Global Day of Parents, National Donut Day, and National Olive Day.


Tom Holland’s Birthday

Our spidey senses think you will enjoy learning more about this talented actor.


Notch’s Birthday

This video game designer and billionaire has no feat left to achieve.


Morgan Freeman’s Birthday

You're going to want to learn more about the impressive life of this amazing actor.


Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday

This Hollywood legend revolutionized the industry by walking so that present and future actors can fly.


Juliet Rader’s Birthday

This sweet little YouTuber has a life’s worth of memories yet to be documented.


Chase Chrisley’s Birthday

Today, we are celebrating Chase Chrisley, the man who loves his family dearly.