Spencer Rattler

Spencer Rattler is an American football player born on September 28, 2000. He is best known as a college football player for the South Carolina Gamecocks. However, his interest in American football began in his childhood. Rattler is yet to be eligible for the N.F.L. draft but is already doing so much in his college football career. So, join us to celebrate his journey on his birthday today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Spencer Rattler

Birth date:

September 28, 2000



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$769 thousand

Spencer's Social Media:


Spencer Rattler is an American football player whose athletic prowess has earned him recognition within and outside the sport. He’s a Libra, born on September 28, 2000, in Phoenix, Arizona. He is biracial as his father is African-American while his mother is caucasian. After middle school, Rattler attended Pinnacle High School in his hometown. He broke the Arizona high school passing record by throwing 11,083 yards in four years. In his senior season, Rattler was named M.V.P. of the Elite 11 quarterback competition.

In his final high school football season, Rattler starred in a 2017 Netflix sports documentary called “QB1: Beyond the Lights.” He received 14 college offers in his sophomore year of high school and committed to the University of Oklahoma’s Sooners Football program in 2017. When he signed his letter of intent to play, Rattler was considered a four-star quarterback by ESPN. He enrolled in Oklahoma in June 2019. He played three games in the 2019 season. By September 2020, Rattler became the starting quarterback for the Sooners. He made his starting debut that month and later led the team to their sixth consecutive Big 12 Championship over Iowa State. In November 2021, Rattler sought an N.C.A.A. transfer. By December, he announced his transfer to South Carolina, and in March 2022, Rattler made his debut for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Rattler is a great athlete. His personal life is under wraps. However, he has been dating Yazmina Gonzalez since high school. The couple has been together for about four years and is still going strong. Rattler shares his success with family and friends.

Career timeline

"QB1 Beyond The Lights"

Rattler stars in a Netflix sports documentary, “QB1: Beyond the Lights.”

Oklahoma Sooners

Rattler joins the Oklahoma Sooners at the University of Oklahoma.

A Starting Quarterback

Rattler wins the starting quarterback position for the Sooners.

The N.C.A.A. Transfer

Rattler transfers to the University of Southern California.

Why We Love Spencer Rattler

  1. He’s talented

    Rattler is an incredible athlete. His statistics are impressive.

  2. He’s hardworking

    Rattler is very hardworking. He’s always in training.

  3. He’s handsome

    Rattler is very handsome. He looks great in every frame.

5 Surprising Facts About Spencer Rattler

  1. Hole in one

    Rattler also plays golf.

  2. He created a self-portrait

    Rattler took an art class in high school and created a self-portrait.

  3. He has a business

    Rattler has a shop where he sells everything from golf wears to t-shirts and more.

  4. He was suspended

    After the documentary aired, Rattler got suspended for violating the district code of conduct.

  5. He broke the record on his birthday

    The football player broke the Arizona high school passing record on his 18th birthday.

Spencer Rattler FAQs

What number does Spencer Rattler play?

He plays Number 7.

Was Spencer Rattler a five-star?

Yes, Rattler was a five-star recruit.

Why did Spencer Rattler leave Oklahoma?

According to the athlete, “It was just time to move on.”

Spencer Rattler’s birthday dates

2024September 28Saturday
2025September 28Sunday
2026September 28Monday
2027September 28Tuesday
2028September 28Thursday

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