Jasper Dolphin

Jasper Dolphin was Davon Wilson on September 28, 1990. He is a talented and popular American actor who also works as a stunt performer. He started his career as a rapper before he became an actor. He is known as one of the founding members of Odd Future, an American hip-hop collective based in Los Angeles. Dolphin’s career has taken off in the world of acting. He featured in Vice TV’s “Jasper & Errol’s First Time,” and he has recently joined Jackass in the American reality comedy film “Jackass Forever” (2022). We’d like to invite you to celebrate his big day with us here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Davon Wilson


Jasper Dolphin, Jasper

Birth date:

September 28, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Davon's Social Media:


Jasper Dolphin is a well-known American actor and musician. He has earned many fans around the world with his exceptional work. His work is received with a lot of excitement. Dolphin’s work speaks for itself as he has been involved in many types of projects. He came into the spotlight in 2007. He became one of the founding members of the Los Angeles hip-hop collective, called Odd Future. One year later, Jasper formed a sub-group under Odd Future. His fellow Odd Future member and leader, Tyler, the Creator, was a part of the sub-group. Their debut project was released on June 28, 2008. Odd Future’s debut mixtape, which came out in November 2008, featured Jasper Dolphin rapping on the song ‘Lisa.’

When it comes to acting, Jasper Dolphin always gives an excellent performance. Odd Future announced on September 8, 2011, that they would be making a television show, which was titled “Loiter Squad.” The show originally aired on March 25, 2012, on Adult Swim. It was a sketch comedy show that featured various skits and pranks. There were Odd Future members featured on the show. The main cast members include Taco, L-Boy, Tyler, The Creator, and Earl Sweatshirt. Some other Odd Future members made cameo appearances.

Jasper Dolphin began to enter and focus on acting in 2017. GOLF Media announced a program titled “Quality Time with Jasper” on its now-defunct app, starring him. Two years later, it was revealed that he would be starring on Vice TV with an Odd Future pal, Errol Chatham. The show is about them doing activities they have never done before. His acting career has continued to this day. He has been featured on “Jackass Forever” (2022) as a new member.

Career timeline

Jasper Dolphin is Born

He is born in California as Davon Wilson.

Odd Future is Founded

Jasper Dolphin, with his other friends, forms a hip-hop collective band — Odd Future.

A Sub-Group of Odd Future

Dolphin forms a comedy hip-hop duo along with a fellow Odd Future member and leader.

Dolphin Joins “Jackass Forever”

He joins “Jackass Forever,” a compilation of stunts, skits, and pranks intercut with on-set interviews with the cast.

Why We Love Jasper Dolphin

  1. Jasper Dolphin is talented

    He is a highly talented individual who explores his skills. He works hard to improve his work.

  2. He is courageous

    He joined “Jackass Forever,” where he performs a lot of stunts. That takes a lot of guts!

  3. He is such a carefree guy

    He is very open to new experiences, as shown in his shows, "Jasper & Erol's First Time" and "Jackass Forever." In situations where he should feel uncomfortable, he can also carry himself casually.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has mixtapes

    He rapped on Odd Future's debut mixtape titled 'Lisa.'

  2. He created E.P.

    In the same year that he formed the sub-group, he published his debut project, an E.P.

  3. He debuted a studio album

    The album “The OF Tape Vol. 2” was released in 2012 where he rapped on the tracks ‘We Got Bitches’ and ‘Oldie.’

  4. He worked with MellowHype

    He featured on MellowHype’s debut studio album on the track ‘Deaddeputy.’

  5. His father appeared on “Jackass Forever”

    Compston “Dark Shark” Wilson, his father, also featured in “Jackass Forever” with the other Odd Future members.

Jasper Dolphin FAQs

Who is Jasper Dolphin’s dad?

He is Compston “Dark Shark” Wilson, who is also an actor.

Who are the original members of Odd Future?

The founding members were Tyler, the Creator, Casey Veggies, Hodgy, Left Brain, Matt Martians, Jasper Dolphin, Travis “Taco” Bennett, and Syd.

Was Jasper Dolphin on “Ridiculousness”?

Yes, in 2019, he appeared in one episode of “Ridiculousness.”

Jasper Dolphin’s birthday dates

2024September 28Saturday
2025September 28Sunday
2026September 28Monday
2027September 28Tuesday
2028September 28Thursday

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