Jovanie Vitale, who goes by his first name, was born in Brooklyn on June 29, 2002. From a young age, Jovanie showed great interest in music. He was just a teenager when he signed a deal with one of America’s biggest record companies. Jovanie’s debut album “What’s the Move, Pt. 2” was a major success. The rapper continues releasing top-notch singles and tours the U.S. Let’s celebrate this young star’s birthday!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jovanie Vitale



Birth date:

June 29, 2001



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Jovanie's Social Media:


Jovanie Vitale was born on June 29, 2002, in Brooklyn, New York. When he was seven years old, he sang a Justin Bieber song for his dad. His dad was impressed by Jovanie’s musical abilities. His family supported his decision to pursue a career in music as long as he did well in school. Jovanie began his career uploading music covers on Instagram. He quickly gained thousands of followers and created a fanbase that helped him catch Atlantic Recor’s attention. The young rapper signed a deal with the record company in 2015.

Jovanie’s debut album was “What’s the Move, Pt 2.” In 2015, the rapper released three successful singles, ‘Whip,’ ‘Ooh Girl,’ and ‘What’s the Move.’ Jovananie was invited to be the opening act for some of Ne-Yo’s shows when he was just 14; this opened many doors for the young star. Jovanie kept releasing singles in the upcoming years. In 2019, he released ‘Addicted,’ in 2021, ‘MIL ON THAT,’ and his last single, ‘DOES HE KNOW,’ was released in 2022.

Not much is known about Jovanie’s private life as the rapper keeps a low-profile life. We do know that he continues to make fantastic music. Jovanie was on tour at the beginning of 2022. He was part of the American rapper Wale’s ‘Under the Blue Moon’ tour. Today, Jovanie has an average of 49,500 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Career timeline

His First Single

Jovanie releases his first solo single, ‘Heartbreaker.’

His Record Deal

Jovanie signs a record deal with Atlantic Records

His Debut Album

Jovanie releases his debut album, “What’s the Move, Pt 2.”

The ‘Under the Blue Moon’ Tour

Jovanie is invited to participate in Wale’s tour.

Why We Love Jovanie

  1. He used social media to reach success

    Jovanie began his career with only music covers, which he posted on Instagram. He is an excellent example of how to use social media to advance one's profession.

  2. He loves his fans

    Jovanie always replied to his fans through social media. He used to listen to which song his fans wanted him to cover next.

  3. He wanted to help his family

    Jovanie has stated he loves music and his main motivation is to help his family, mostly his grandmother. He wants to give his folks a better life.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was compared to Justin Bieber

    At the beginning of his career, Jovanie used to be compared to the hit star.

  2. He didn’t write his first singles

    Jovanie was too young when he released his first singles and admitted that he didn’t participate in the songwriting process.

  3. He loves dancing

    Jovanie loves to dance; he has mentioned Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Fred Astaire as his favorite dancers.

  4. He deleted all his music covers

    Today, Jovanie’s Instagram account only has 22 pictures.

  5. He plays basketball

    Jovanie enjoys sports; he particularly likes playing basketball.

Jovanie FAQs

Where was Jovanie raised?

He was raised in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York.

Is Jovanie dating anyone?

No, Jovanie is currently single.

Does Jovanie have any siblings?

Yes, Jovanie has two siblings.

Jovanie’s birthday dates

2024June 29Saturday
2025June 29Sunday
2026June 29Monday
2027June 29Tuesday
2028June 29Thursday

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