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Curtiss Cook was born in Dayton, Ohio, on September 18, 1980. He attended London’s Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, where he trained to entertain broad audiences. Throughout his adolescent years, he was a member of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company. His versatility as an actor has opened numerous avenues for him, and he contributes something unique to each job. Many fans may remember him from his roles in “Manifest” and “The Chi,” but he has also appeared in films, including “The Interpreter” (2005) and “Arbitrage” (2012).

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Curtiss Cook

Birth date:

September 18, 1980



Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

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Curtiss Cook’s passion for acting began when he was very young. As a kindergartener, he was chosen as one of Santa Claus’s helpers for his school Christmas pageant. He spent the event entertaining his classmates, sparking his love of performance. He signed up for his school’s drama club in seventh grade before joining Muse Machine, a drama organization in Dayton, Ohio, in high school. Cook’s talent earned him leading roles in his junior and senior years, cementing his love for acting.

Upon graduating college, Cook relocated to New York and appeared in “The Lion King” and “Miss Saigon” on Broadway. In addition, Cook appeared in “The Interpreter” (2005), “Shutter Island,” and “Arbitrage” (2012). His masterful performances garnered the public’s attention and ensured he would be remembered for years. After appearing in front of the camera, he tried his hand at directing and producing. He spent 2014 to 2016 working on “A Black Man Acting,” a series where he performed monologues he wrote about pressing social topics.

Cook returned to acting with appearances in various successful television shows, such as “House of Cards,” “Manifest,” “Mayans M.C.,” “Luke Cage,” “Narcos,” and “The Chi.” More recently, Cook has been recognized for playing Abe in Steven Spielberg’s cinematic adaptation of “West Side Story” (2021). Apart from his successful career, Cook’s personal life is thriving. He has five children, three with his ex-wife and two with his current wife, Angela Edward.

Career timeline

Cook Guest Stars

He portrays Detective Kwame Blakely in “Law & Order: Trial by Jury.”

Cook Jumps to the Big Screen

He stars as Trey Washington in “Shutter Island” alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

His Starring Role

Cook lands a role in the renowned drama series “The Chi.”

Cook’s Return to Film

Curtiss Cook plays Abe in “West Side Story,” the critically acclaimed film directed by Steven Spielberg.

Why We Love Curtis Cook

  1. He’s a loving grandfather

    His family has always been one of the most essential aspects of his life, and he continues this legacy as a grandpa. Curtiss is the proud grandfather of two. However, he has not disclosed much information about them to protect their privacy.

  2. He’s overcome some tough times

    Before marrying his second wife, Cook was a single father to three young kids. He had a difficult time keeping his family afloat while pursuing his dream. But through his perseverance, he eventually started landing more significant roles.

  3. He takes each role seriously

    Time is the most important resource individuals have, and Cook doesn’t take it for granted. As an actor, he appreciates everyone who takes the time to see his work and constantly strives to make it worthwhile. He is devoted to his profession and gives his all to every role he gets, no matter how minor.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His son is an actor

    Curtiss Cook’s son, Curtiss Jr., is also an actor with over a dozen acting credits.

  2. He studied acting in London

    His opportunity to pursue acting at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London is the perfect example of how life’s circumstances sometimes fall into place.

  3. He’s been on Broadway

    The actor’s versatility stretches to live performances, leading to roles in “The Lion King” and “Miss Saigon.”

  4. He’s a Sigma

    Cook is a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

  5. He was once evicted from his apartment

    During an interview with Forbes, he disclosed that he was evicted from a New York residence.

Curtis Cook FAQs

Is Curtiss Cook in “Manifest”

Cook played Radd Campbell in the show’s first season.

What movies did Curtiss Cook do?

Cook also appears in “Breaking Point” (2009), “Roxanne Roxanne” (2017), “Remember Amnesia” (2019), and “The Devil You Know” (2022).

Who is Curtiss Cook in “The Chi”?

Cook plays Otis “Douda” Perry, a businessman running for Mayor, on the show.

Curtis Cook’s birthday dates

2024September 18Wednesday
2025September 18Thursday
2026September 18Friday
2027September 18Saturday
2028September 18Monday

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