Jackson Robert Scott

Jackson Robert Scott, born on September 18, 2008, is a familiar face to horror connoisseurs. He is best known for his performance in spine-chilling films like “It” and “The Prodigy.” Following his trailblazing performance in “It”, the actor landed a series of roles in various films and TV shows, such as “Criminal Minds”, “Fear the Walking Dead”, “Gossamer Folds”, and “Locke & Key.” He is also a famous internet personality and enjoys a fan following of millions. So, without further ado, let the celebrations for his special day begin!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jackson Robert Scott

Birth date:

September 18, 2008



Zodiac Sign:



4' 6"

Net Worth:

$1.9 million

Jackson's Social Media:


Jackson Robert Scott was born and brought up in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S., to parents Robin Scott and Dan Scott. He also has a sister, Addison Scott. Since his early childhood, Scott was part of a CGTV acting program, wherein he learned several acting techniques. Moreover, while a part of this program, he got the opportunity to work with numerous actors from Disney and Nickelodeon, among which was Adrian R’Mante, the CGTV founder. Scott was also particularly fond of improvisational workshops.

Following his time with CGTV, the actor was discovered by a notable talent agency. Thereafter, he began to audition and self-tape for top-tier TV shows. He got his first break in “Criminal Minds,” as Cole Vasquez. After, he bagged another role in an episode of “Fear the Walking Dead,” where he portrayed the younger version of Troy Otto.

He rose to fame in 2016, when he played Georgie Denbrough in the film adaptation of the Stephen King novel “It.” Scott was then cast for Troy in the 2018 short film “Skin,” which would go on to bag an Academy Award. His first feature film appearance took place in 2019 with the movie “The Prodigy.” Scott was spotted by Andres Muschietti for his series “Locke & Key.” The actor continued on the show in its second and third seasons as well. Scott was also seen in Lisa Donato’s independent film “Gossamer Folds.”

Career timeline

His Big Break

Scott appears in an episode of the popular TV series “Criminal Minds.”

Becoming Georgie

Scott plays the beloved character, Georgie, in the movie “It.”

The Lead Role

Scott joins the cast of “Locke & Key” as Bode Locke.

The Short Film

The actor plays Luke in the acclaimed short film titled “They Came From Below.”

Why We Love Jackson Robert Scott

  1. He is talented

    Scott has, time and again, proved his mettle as an actor. Moreover, despite his age, he has played a diverse range of characters, and rather convincingly. Fans loved him in “It” as much as they loved him in “The Prodigy.”

  2. He has a cool personality

    Another admirable aspect of Scott is his personality, which can warm even the coldest of hearts. Over the years, he has given a myriad of interviews. However, a common thread in all his public appearances is his goofy yet cool-headed demeanor.

  3. His body of work

    Scott has achieved in a few years what most take a lifetime to accomplish. Although he is only a teenager, he already has an eclectic body of work, which comprises several notable films and TV shows.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His favorite scene is unusual

    In an interview, Scott revealed that his favorite scene in “It” was the one in which his arm gets ripped off!

  2. He is a horror buff

    The actor, albeit young, loves watching horror films and finds their scariness fun.

  3. He can speak Mandarin Chinese

    Scott was part of a Mandarin Immersion Program and speaks the language very well.

  4. He has many hobbies

    The actor enjoys reading stories.

  5. He has a pet

    Scott has a pet dog and fondly calls her Goldy Girl.

Jackson Robert Scott FAQs

How old was Jackson Robert Scott while filming “It”?

The actor was eight years old when the movie was filmed.

What episode is Jackson Robert Scott in “Criminal Minds”?

He was featured in the show’s 2015 episode titled “Outlaw.”

Is Jackson Robert Scott’s character alive in “It Chapter Two”?

No, Georgie appears in the movie posthumously.

Jackson Robert Scott’s birthday dates

2024September 18Wednesday
2025September 18Thursday
2026September 18Friday
2027September 18Saturday
2028September 18Monday

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