Ashley Jordyn

Ashley Jordyn, born on December 17, 1987, is an actress based in the U.S. She began acting when she was a young kid — something her parents didn’t believe could turn into a serious career. This motivated Jordyn to pursue acting, just so to prove her parents wrong. Her acting debut came in 2011 when she was cast in “The Writer.” We’ll help you celebrate Jordyn’s special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ashley Jordyn

Birth date:

December 17, 1987



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$450 thousand

Ashley's Social Media:


Ashley Jordyn had a normal childhood and was raised by both her parents, whose identity is unknown. Jordyn tends to keep information about her family, educational background, and childhood life a secret from the public. According to her, she discovered that she had a talent for acting when she was a young kid, but her more conservative parents disregarded it as something one couldn’t turn into a career.

Her television debut came in 2011 after she was cast to play the role of Aubrey in a short film titled “The Writer.” The movie was a commercial failure. Despite this, Jordyn maintained her interest in acting and was cast in several short plays while modeling for small startups. In 2017, Jordyn made a short cameo appearance in an episode of “Law and Order: SVU.” It was a brief hospital scene, where she played the role of a doctor; most of her fans might’ve even missed her. That same year, she appeared on the 2017 T.V. pilot, “Greenport.”

Jordyn has acted in several other movies, including “The Township,” “Scales,” “Walls,” “Exit 0,” “Obsidian,” “Afterdeath,” “The Suicide Singer,” “The Session,” “Enlightenments,” “The Detestable,” “My Father,” “The Love Bathroom,” and “Small Change.” She has also made appearances in TV series such as “Abandon All Hope,” “The Show,” “The Equalizer,” and “Greenport.” In 2019, Jordyn was cast in the hugely popular Netflix comedy-drama “Orange Is the New Black.”

Career timeline

She Appears on “The Session”

Jordyn plays the role of Daphne in the movie, “The Session.”

A “Law and Order: SVU” Cameo

Jordyn makes a short cameo appearance in an episode of “Law and Order: SVU.”

Her Shot at a Netflix Original

Jordyn is cast to play the role of Young Carol on the hugely popular Netflix comedy-drama “Orange Is the New Black.”

Her Appearance on “The Equalizer”

Jordyn appears in the first episode of the T.V. series “The Equalizer.”

Why We Love Ashley Jordyn

  1. She’s talented

    Jordyn was cast to play the role of Young Carol in “Orange Is the New Black.” She played the character perfectly, earning her a few thousand followers on her social media accounts.

  2. She’s mysterious

    Jordyn keeps most of her life private. No one knows about her family, siblings, or personal life.

  3. She loves animals

    Jordyn has four pets — two cats and two dogs. She loves them and spends a lot of her time with them.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She loves animals

    Jordyn owns a cat and a Husky.

  2. Her debut role was in 2011

    Jordyn played her first on-screen role in 2011 when she played Aubrey in “The Writer.”

  3. She is a humanitarian

    Jordyn is a huge supporter of love and equality.

  4. She creates art

    In her free time, Jordyn makes graphite art and paintings.

  5. She’s married

    Jordyn is happily married but she keeps the details of her personal life private.

Ashley Jordyn FAQs

When did Ashley Jordyn start acting?

She began acting when she was a child but had her debut in 2011.

Who is Ashley Jordyn’s husband?

She has kept this information private.

Was Ashley Jordyn in “The Equalizer?”

She appeared in the first episode of “The Equalizer.”

Ashley Jordyn’s birthday dates

2024December 17Tuesday
2025December 17Wednesday
2026December 17Thursday
2027December 17Friday
2028December 17Sunday

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