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Milla Jovovich, born December 17, 1975, is an American actress, model, and singer. She is known primarily for her roles in action and thriller films, as well as in science fiction franchise productions. She is also a renowned model worldwide and was named the highest-paid figure in the industry during the early 2000s. Jovovich made her breakthrough during the late 1990s and quickly became a household name in both blockbuster action films, as well as spectacular art-house films. Today, few will argue that she is one of the most talented and iconic actresses of her generation. Let’s celebrate her birthday right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Milica Bogdanova Jovovich

Birth date:

December 17, 1975



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$80 million

Milica's Social Media:


Milla Jovovich is known today as one of the most eccentric and skilled actresses. She has enjoyed wide success performing in both high art-house cinematic experiences and world-renowned film festivals, as well as Hollywood action blockbusters and science fiction movies. During her prime, Milla Jovovich was also one of the industry’s highest-paid models and appeared in some of the most memorable advertisements around the globe.

Jovovich was born on December 17, 1975, in Kyiv, in what was the Ukrainian Soviet Republic at the time. From childhood, Jovovich was immersed in an artistic environment, as both her parents were known actors at the time. She grew up mainly in Moscow, and her family left Russia when she was five to settle in London before finally moving to California. As a teenager living in Los Angeles, Jovovich began to be cast for various acting jobs; then, at the age of 13, she starred in two of her better-known earlier performances, “Two Moon Junction” and “The Night Train to Kathmandu,” both feature-length films.

Jovovich starred in several cult and independent films of the 1990s and quickly began making a name for herself as a versatile and talented actress. During the late 1990s, she began acting in bigger productions, notably “The Fifth Element,” considered her breakthrough role, as well as other art-house pictures. In 2002, while working on “Resident Evil,” Jovovich met Paul W. S. Anderson, and the two began dating. They married in 2009, and have since had three children. Jovovich’s career continues to move healthily forward, as she partakes in several other activities, such as music, specialized forms of modeling, as well as fashion design.

Career timeline

She Appears in “Two Moon Junction”

Jovovich plays a role in “Two Moon Junction,” her debut acting role.

Her First Lead Role

Jovovich stars in the film “The Fifth Element,” alongside Bruce Willis.

She Stars in “Resident Evil”

Jovovich appears in the first movie of a franchise series that later turns out to be her most successful role.

Her Musical Endeavors

Jovovich takes part in musical projects alongside Maynard James Keenan, from the band Tool.

Why We Love Milla Jovovich

  1. She is an amazing actress

    Jovovich is definitely one of the most talented actresses of her generation. Throughout her repertoire, she displays a wide range of emotion and performance techniques that distinguish her from others in her profession.

  2. She is open about her stances

    Jovovich is outspoken about many causes and shares her opinions with the media eloquently. She is always calm and collected around cameras and is not afraid of expressing her position on different issues.

  3. She has excelled in many fields

    Jovovich used her breakthrough in acting and cinema as a platform for other projects. Since the beginning of her acting career, she dabbled in fashion design, music, and modeling. Today, she leads a rich and diverse life.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She speaks Russian

    Jovovich is of Russian origin and is fluent in the language, having even starred in a Russian film.

  2. She is a multi-talented artist

    Jovovich is an accomplished artist in several disciplines, including music, fashion design, and acting.

  3. She supports the legalization of cannabis

    Jovovich has spoken in favor of the drug’s legalization.

  4. She had a tough childhood

    Upon moving to the U.S., Jovovich suffered from bullying and harassment as a Russian living in the West during the Cold War.

  5. She is well-read

    Jovovich is a voracious reader and pursues knowledge in many fields, particularly theater and acting.

Milla Jovovich FAQs

Is Milla Jovovich Ukrainian?

Jovovich was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, but hardly got to know her home region. She grew up in Moscow, part of the former U.S.S.R., of which Ukraine was a member state at the time.

What was Milla Jovovich’s first appearance?

She was in a cover story for the Italian magazine “Lei” in 1987, at 12 years of age; she was photographed by Herb Ritts.

Who is Milla Jovovich’s mother?

Her mother is Galina Jovovich, a Russian actress who was famous in the U.S.S.R. during the 1970s.

Milla Jovovich’s birthday dates

2024December 17Tuesday
2025December 17Wednesday
2026December 17Thursday
2027December 17Friday
2028December 17Sunday

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