April 9th Birthdays

We have 5 birthdays listed for April 9.

April 9th is the 99th day in the Gregorian calendar; it marks the anniversary of Henry V being crowned as the King of England and NASA announcing who the United States' first seven astronauts would be to orbit the earth. Famous April 9th birthdays include Dennis Quaid, Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Nixon, Leighton Meester, Jesse McCartney, Kristen Stewart, and Elle Fanning. April 9th also marks National Winston Churchill Day.


Tommyinnit’s Birthday

There is so much success in store for the YouTuber and gamer, Thomas Simons.


Lil Nas X’s Birthday

For Lil Nas X, the talented musician, the old town road is the ticket to success.


Hugh Hefner’s Birthday

Hugh Hefner can rest knowing his legacy lives on and his impact transcends time.


Lala lalaleluu’s Birthday

We can certainly expect much more entertaining content from this TikTok star.


Gerard Way’s Birthday

This rock singer, songwriter, and comic writer has something that cannot be duplicated.