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Al-Hijra – July 19, 2023

We are celebrating Al-Hijra on July 19 this year. It is an auspicious day in Islam. The day celebrates the start of a new year in the Islamic calendar. The day occurs annually on the first day of the month of Muharram in the Islamic calendar. The day was chosen to mark the holy journey that the Prophet Muhammed took from Mecca to Medina and is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. It usually does not occur on the same date every year, as the Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycles.

History of Al-Hijra

Islam is a religion of peace. It is based on the teachings of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. The Quran is believed to be the word of God conveyed through his angel to Prophet Muhammed. Islamic expansion increased trade and the spread of art, literature, science, and knowledge. Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world. Some countries have Islam as their state religion and follow Islamic rules and standards, such as the Islamic calendar.

The Islamic calendar was created by Umar ibn Al-Khattab. He based the events of the migration on the start of the calendar. The Prophet Muhammed started preaching Islam after he got his first revelation from God through the archangel Gabriel. He faced persecution for preaching against the set religions of the time. But his faith in his God was deep, and his will strong. In a short time, his teachings gained popularity, and soon his followers increased. As the strength of Islam increased, Prophet Muhammed migrated from Mecca to Medina to set up the first Islamic state in the world. This marked one of the most important events in the development and further spread of Islam. But this is not the first Hijra.

In 613 A.D., some of the followers of Prophet Muhammed emigrated to the Christian Kingdom of Aksum. The region includes present-day Ethiopia and Eritrea. This event is called the Migration to Abyssinia, and its purpose was to escape the persecution of the ruling Quraysh tribe of Mecca.

Al-Hijra timeline

622 A.D.
Escaping Religious Persecution

Prophet Muhammad leads his people away from religious persecution in Mecca, to Medina.

638 A.D.
The Start of the Islamic calendar

Umar ibn Al-Khattab adopts Hijra as the reference point for the Islamic calendar.

Standardization of the Islamic Calendar

Saudi Arabia adopts a system based on astronomical observation of the moon’s phases.

State Holiday

Nigeria recognizes Al-Hijra as a state holiday.

Al-Hijra FAQs

What is Hijra?

Hijra marks the day Prophet Muhammad started his migration from Mecca to Medina. It also marks the New Year date in the Islamic calendar.

What is Hijra in Islam?

Hijrah, according to Islamic traditions, refers to Prophet Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina in 622 A.D.

What is the original name of Madinah?

Yathrib was the name of Madinah before the advent of Islam.

Al-Hijra Activities

  1. Wish a friend

    This is an auspicious day for Muslims. Wish your friends a wonderful Al-Hijra.

  2. Create a social media post

    Create a social media post using an Islamic theme. Use the poster to share a greeting message to Muslims all over the world.

  3. Read about the historical migration

    Islam has rich culture associated with it. Read about the development of the day and its historical background.

5 Facts About The Islamic Calendar That You Should Know

  1. Start of the Islamic calendar

    Umar ibn Al-Khattab started the Islamic calendar.

  2. Importance of Hijra

    Hijrah is chosen as the New Year because of the importance of the event for the development of Islam.

  3. Moon sighting and the Hijri calendar

    The Hijri calendar is based on the sighting of the moon alone and does not take astronomical calculations into account.

  4. Meaning of the month

    Shawwal, the tenth month in the Islamic calendar, literally means to raise or lift as this is the time when camels would normally carry a fetus.

  5. Number of days

    The Hijri calendar only has 354 days in a year.

Why We Love Al-Hijra

  1. A day for prayers

    This is an auspicious day. We love when people spend a day in peace dedicated to prayers.

  2. Celebrate new beginnings

    Al-Hijra marks the start of the Islamic New Year. We love new beginnings and a New Year celebration is enchanting.

  3. Share gifts and love

    The New Year starts with new beginnings. There will be gifts, parties, and festivities. We love to share gifts and receive love.

Al-Hijra dates

2022July 30Saturday
2023July 19Wednesday
2024July 7Sunday
2025June 26Thursday
2026June 17Wednesday

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