September 29th Birthdays

We have 9 birthdays listed for September 29.

September 29th is the 272nd day of the Gregorian calendar. Spain claimed ownership of Tegucigalpa, Honduras; WGPR became the first African-American owned and operated television station in the nation. 4179 Toutatis, an asteroid, passed within four lunar distances of Earth. Famous birthdays include Jerry Lee Lewis, Les Claypool and Gwen Ifill. Today is World Heart Day.

Jerry Lee Lewis’s Birthday

This multi-skilled and talented pianist-singer knows the real meaning of working toward success.


Molly Eskam’s Birthday

This beautiful YouTube star has what it takes to make it big on social media.


Ice Poseidon’s Birthday

This man is a social media personality known all across YouTube and Twitch.


Halsey’s Birthday

From drug addict to global superstar! Let's share everything we know about the singer.


Gwen Ifill’s Birthday

Her first television appearance was in 1994 while working for “The New York Times.”


Bria Hamilton’s Birthday

This gal appeared on a trendy reality show and is now a social media star.


Andy Frisella’s Birthday

For this entrepreneur and podcaster, success in all he does is a way of life.