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Nicholas Galitzine was born on September 29, 1994. The English actor landed his first role at 20 years old and quickly made it big. He landed several major movies like “High Strung” and “Handsome Devil” that catapulted him into the limelight. One of his most well-known roles is starring alongside Camilla Cabello in the musical movie “Cinderella.” He was featured on T.V. and in film and continues to make headlines for his talent as a singer and actor.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Nicholas Dimitri Constantine Galitzine

Birth date:

September 29, 1994



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Nicholas's Social Media:


Nicholas Galitzine was born on September 29, 1994, in London, England. His father, Geoffrey Galitzine, descended from the House of Golitsyn. They are Russian nobles that came to England as refugees. His mother, Lora, is Greek-American. He has one sister, Lexi. Galitzine had many interests growing up. During his childhood, he sang in the choir and performed in school productions. Galitzine was mostly interested in sports — rugby and soccer — and had aspirations of becoming a professional athlete.

He attended Dulwich College where he joined Pleasance Islington, a youth theater company. Galitzine participated in several country-level athletics competitions. He intended to pursue a career in sports before he injured his rotator cuff. While attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Galitzine was scouted as an actor. He landed his first role in 2014 in the comedy-drama film “The Beat Beneath My Feet.” In 2016, he starred in “High Strung” alongside dancer Keenan Kampa. One of his most well-known and beloved roles was in the movie “Handsome Devil” where he played a closed rugby player. The movie was very well-received and won many awards including Best Irish Feature.

Galitzine starred in the supernatural horror T.V. show, “Chambers,” in 2019. The show premiered on Netflix but was canceled following its first season. In 2021, Galitzine was cast as the love interest in the movie musical “Cinderella” alongside Camilla Cabello. Galitzine and Cabello were heavily featured in the soundtrack of the movie. His most recent work is the Netflix film, “Purple Hearts.” He was also cast as the lead in the film adaptation of the very popular novel “Red, White, and Royal Blue.”

Career timeline

His Film Debut

Galitzine lands his first role in the movie “The Beat Beneath My Feet.”

His First Lead Role

He stars in the T.V. show “Chambers.”

Singing for “Cinderella”

Galitzine releases a single for the movie “Cinderella.”

Getting into Netflix

Galitzine stars in the Netflix film “Purple Hearts.”

Why We Love Nicholas Galitzine

  1. He uses his platform for good

    Nicholas Galitzine often uses his platform to advocate for others. He has shown immense support for the L.G.B.T.Q.+ community and the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

  2. He started big

    Galitzine landed multiple major roles as a newcomer and made a name for himself in no time. His first ever role was a starring role, and it did not take long for his star to shine.

  3. He has many talents

    Galitzine was accomplished in sports and almost became a professional athlete. He is also a talented actor and singer.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He studied martial arts

    Nicholas Galitzine is trained in krav maga, which is a form of self-defense.

  2. He doesn’t like watching himself act

    Galitzine dislikes seeing himself on screen as he criticizes himself too harshly.

  3. He attempted to learn playing violin

    He tried learning to play the violin for his role in “High Strung,” but it was ultimately played by someone else.

  4. He loves learning new things

    Although Galitzine never attended university, he aims to continue pushing himself and is learning Spanish, anthropology, and psychology.

  5. He likes taking on complex characters

    Galitzine believes complex roles challenge him as an actor, which is why he is never afraid to take them on.

Nicholas Galitzine FAQs

Does Nicholas Galitzine sing in “Cinderella?”

Yes, he does!

Where was the movie “High Strung” filmed?

It was filmed in Romania.

Can Galitzine play guitar?

Yes, he can play the guitar.

Nicholas Galitzine’s birthday dates

2024September 29Sunday
2025September 29Monday
2026September 29Tuesday
2027September 29Wednesday
2028September 29Friday

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