Molly Eskam

Molly Eskam, born on September 29, 1998, is a beautiful social media star with a charming personality and a hilarious sense of humor. She started modeling when she was a teenager. She also started a YouTube channel during her teenage years and it launched her to internet stardom. After gaining fame, she used it to propel her modeling career. She signed with Verge Agency and began to appear in magazines. Let’s celebrate her special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Molly Eskam

Birth date:

September 29, 1998



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Molly's Social Media:


Molly Eskam has become a big internet star. She delights fans everywhere with her beauty and humor. Eskam was born on September 29, 1998, in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Her zodiac sign is Libra and her ethnicity is Caucasian. She is the daughter of Kent and Laurie Eskam and has two older brothers named Chace and Chance. During her childhood, her family moved to Carlsbad, California, where she then completed high school. She has said that her family has always been supportive of her choices and they are proud of her for achieving fame at a young age.

Eskam started a career in modeling when she was in high school. In May 2010, she started her YouTube career by starting a self-titled YouTube channel that featured her travel vlogs, funny quotes, and pranks. She gained more exposure and received more views on her videos by collaborating with many successful YouTubers like RiceGum and FaZe Rug. Eskam also wanted her career in modeling to take off and began to work on her body. Soon after, she was taking part in various modeling shows as an underwear and bikini model.

She has become an influential voice on social media, with over one million followers on Instagram, 550,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 39,000 followers on Twitter. Her rise on Instagram has been due to the amazing and gorgeous modeling pictures that Eskam posts regularly. While she is no longer active on YouTube, her videos are still available for viewers’ entertainment, and her fans continue to watch them to this day. Eskam’s 152 YouTube videos have garnered a whopping 39 million views to date.

Career timeline

Her YouTube Channel

She creates her channel on the video platform.

Eskam’s First Post

She shares her first post on her Instagram account — a photo of a phrase that reads “The harder you are on yourself, the easier life is on you.”

Eskam’s Earliest Video

Her earliest video is posted and titled ‘Q&A plastic surgery?!??’


Eskam is interviewed by “Playboy” magazine.

Why We Love Molly Eskam

  1. Eskam is comfortable with her followers

    She has said that it took some time to get used to her large following, but now she loves it. She says she’s now become more open and honest with her followers.

  2. She stays humble

    When asked about her worst habits, Eskam said she has many. However, she says that her worst one is being over-critical of herself.

  3. Eskam has overcome struggles

    In 2022, she opened up about an abusive relationship she had with an unnamed boyfriend. Friends and fans of Eskam have expressed their support and she has been able to leave this dark time behind her.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Eskam loves to travel

    She has said that she loves to visit new places and that her dream destination is Australia.

  2. She’s an eye girl

    The first thing Eskam notices in a guy is his eyes.

  3. Eskam wanted people to know her better

    She started her YouTube channel so that her Instagram followers would get to know her better.

  4. She loves Liam Payne

    Eskam has said that the former One Direction member is her celebrity crush.

  5. Pink is her favorite color

    Eskam is a very girly girl and loves all things pink.

Molly Eskam FAQs

What is Molly Eskam famous for?

Eskam is known for her YouTube vlogs and her modeling pictures on Instagram.

What does Molly Eskam do for a living?

Eskam works both as a model and as a social media personality.

Is Molly Eskam still dating FaZe Rug?

No, they broke up. However, Eskam has said they remain close friends.

Molly Eskam’s birthday dates

2024September 29Sunday
2025September 29Monday
2026September 29Tuesday
2027September 29Wednesday
2028September 29Friday

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