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FriDec 8

Panama Mother’s Day – December 8, 2023

Mother’s Day in Panama is celebrated annually on December 8. The day is a national holiday and celebrated throughout the country. The celebration is always full and lengthy and rightfully so, in honor of the dear mothers all over the country who have showered all their love on their children.

History of Panama Mother’s Day

There are varying accounts of the history of the creation of Mother’s Day in Panama. One account is that it was introduced by the Rotary Club and first celebrated on May 11, 1924. The date was, however, changed to December 8 in 1930 in order to make the celebration coincide with the day of the Catholic celebration of the Immaculate Conception — this is when Catholics worldwide celebrate the solemn belief in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It was said that the catholic Panamanians then wanted to turn the feast of the immaculate conception into a public holiday, but faced resistance from representatives of the secular population who wanted to keep church and state affairs separated. Celebration of Mother’s Day together with the feast was the resolve they all reached.

On this day, communities will hold mass processions through the streets of the town, and festivities will continue throughout the day.

In the indigenous Ngäbe communities, the entire community gets together and hosts a big celebration. The women will dress up in their finest clothing, adorning themselves with jewelry and wearing makeup. The men will prepare a big feast for everyone to eat and enjoy with drinks. As nighttime comes, music is played and everyone dances until the late hours.

Panama Mother’s Day timeline

Change in Date

Hercilia Arias Velásquez, the wife of the then-president of Panama Florencio Harmodio Arosemena, suggests the change of Mother’s Day from May 11 to December 8.

First Female President

The first female Panama president, Mireya Moscoso, is elected and she goes on to preside for four years.

First Female Vice President

Mrs. Isabel Sain Malo becomes both the vice-president and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama.

Movie Release

An American romantic dramedy film titled “Mother’s Day” is released — the film tells the story of a group of people coming to terms with their relationships with their mothers.

Panama Mother’s Day FAQs

Who invented the official Mother’s Day?

Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, whose mother had organized women’s groups to promote friendship and health, created the official Mother’s Day.

Is Mother’s Day held on the same day across the world?

No, Mother’s Day is held on different preferred dates in countries around the world. However, most of it falls on a Sunday.

What specific gifts can I get my mum?

There’s no rule for this, as gifts depend on how much you can afford. Most importantly, make sure it’s coming from a sincere heart.  

How To Celebrate Panama Mother’s Day

  1. Take your mother for a treat

    This is a perfect day to give your mother or mother figure a proper treat. Whether it’s to a spa, a show, the mall, or to dinner, take her out and help her have a memorable day.

  2. Get her gifts

    You can decide to take her shopping or buy her gifts you know she’ll love. This is a gesture she’ll definitely value and appreciate.

  3. Write her a heartfelt letter of appreciation

    Words go a long way in expressing gratitude. Take time to write a sincere letter to appreciate your mother for the many years of care, and you will be doing something she’ll always remember.

5 Facts About Panama That Will Interest You

  1. It has old history

    The isthmus of Panama was formed about 3 million years ago when the land bridge between North and South America finally became complete.

  2. Largely populated by Catholics

    Panama was inhabited by Catholic Spanish immigrants since the early 1500s, and presently around 70% of the population identifies as Roman Catholic.

  3. First Coca-Cola customers outside the U.S.

    It was the first country outside of the United States in which Coca-Cola was sold.

  4. They love baseball

    Baseball is Panama’s national sport and the country has regional teams as well as a national team that represents it in international events.

  5. Offers a unique view of the sun

    It is the only place in the world where you can see the sunrise on the Pacific Ocean and set on the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the highest point in the country, Volcan Baru.

Why We Love Panama Mother’s Day

  1. Gives mothers their well-deserved appreciation

    It is a special day to celebrate our mothers and it prompts us all to take time out to honor and appreciate them for all they do.

  2. Rekindles love in our hearts

    For those with fragile relationships with their mothers, due to whatever reason, this day helps rekindle any lost love. The coming together and gestures will surely have a positive effect.

  3. Strengthens familial bonds

    With family members gathering together to wine and dine, this day helps strengthen the cords between families. It gives them more moments to cherish.

Panama Mother’s Day dates

2023December 8Friday
2024December 8Sunday
2025December 8Monday
2026December 8Tuesday
2027December 8Wednesday

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