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National Peyton Day – July 18, 2024

National Peyton Day is celebrated on July 18 annually. Peyton is a common gender-neutral first name. It’s said to have Irish and English origins. Peyton means ‘a fighting man’s estate.’ The name is also routinely spelled as ‘Payton.’ In addition to being a well-known American name, British Columbia in Canada has plenty of people that go by Peyton. National Peyton Day is a day to celebrate many individuals who deserve appreciation.

History of National Peyton Day

It is almost impossible to pinpoint when the name “Peyton” first came into existence. Its meaning, ‘a fighting man’s estate,’ indicates its Old English roots. In its Irish context, it also stands for ‘warrior’s town.’ Before Peyton became a popular first name, it was a common surname back in the day. However, now that is pretty uncommon to see.

Pattie, Pey, P, and PeyPey are widely used nicknames for Peyton. Leighton, Clayton, and Dayton rhyme with Peyton and are also commonly used in the United States. The 19th century was a time of peak popularity for the name “Peyton.” The 20th century was the opposite; there was a sharp dip in its usage. However, in the 21st century, it picked up and entered the popular name charts in the U.S.

Many notable Peytons in the sports and entertainment industries have graced the nation. It is a name with a firm meaning and impressive characteristics. It’s a name that can belong to anyone in any way and allows them to turn it into their version of greatness. From first and last names to girls and boys, the reach of Peyton knows no bounds, just like those with the name. National Peyton Day celebrates all the beautiful warriors named Peyton in the nation.

National Peyton Day timeline

Peyton on T.V.

The famous character, Peyton, first appears in the T.V. show “One Tree Hill.”

Top 150

Peyton reaches number 125 for baby boys in the U.S. and 121 for baby girls.

Miss Alabama

Peyton Brown becomes Miss Alabama U.S.A. 2016.

Top 100

Peyton is consistently in the Top 100 name charts.

National Peyton Day FAQs

Is Peyton still a common name?

Yes, as of 2020, the name was in the Top 100 charts in the U.S.

Are there a lot of Peytons in the U.S.?

In 2020 in the U.S., one in every 648 girls and one in every 2,689 boys were named Peyton.

Is ‘Peyton’ correct or ‘Payton?’

Both are correct spellings with the same meaning. Peyton is a slightly more used spelling in the U.S.

National Peyton Day Activities

  1. Watch Peyton

    Celebrate this day by binge-watching the famous character of Peyton on “One Tree Hill.” It is an enjoyable way to mark this day.

  2. Wish Peyton

    Reach out to any Peyton in your life. Wish them a happy National Peyton Day.

  3. Appreciate Peyton

    There are many notable Peytons in different fields. Enjoy some of their work and appreciate all that they do.

5 Interesting Peytons To Know About

  1. Peyton Kaye Evans

    She is an American reality T.V. personality from the famous show “Dance Moms.”

  2. Peyton Manning

    He is a professional American football player in the N.F.L.

  3. Peyton Watson

    He is an American college basketball player for the U.C.L.A. Bruins.

  4. Peyton Johnson

    She is the daughter of the famous Youtuber family, the Johnson Family.

  5. Peyton Gordon

    He was a former United States federal judge.

Why We Love National Peyton Day

  1. It’s gender-neutral

    The name is equally common for boys and girls and unrestricted by gender. This name is a perfect option for new parents.

  2. It’s versatile

    The name is a common first and last name, which makes it versatile. We love versatility!

  3. It’s unique

    While the name is popular, it is unique in its meaning and pronunciation. Research the different meanings on this day, and let someone called Peyton know the origin of their name.

National Peyton Day dates

2024July 18Thursday
2025July 18Friday
2026July 18Saturday
2027July 18Sunday
2028July 18Tuesday

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