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ThuJul 18

National Monica Day – July 18, 2024

National Monica Day is celebrated on July 18 every year. The name Monica is a popular first name for girls. It has roots in Latin and means ‘solitary,’ ‘to advise,’ or ‘truth.’ The name has seen a rise in popularity, especially among Catholics. Other names ending in ‘ica’ have also been significantly common in the past, such as Dannica, Annica, and Jessica. National Monica Day is to celebrate all the beautiful Monicas out there.

History of National Monica Day

Monica’s exact origin is uncertain. Its first known record was Saint Monica, the mother of Saint Augustine. St. Monica was born in North Africa and was also a Carthaginian. Thus, her name could have Punic or Berber ties. It’s also linked to the Greek word ‘monos,’ which means ‘alone.’ Despite etymological dissimilarity, ‘Monica’ is derived from the Latin verb ‘monere,’ which means ‘to advise.’

Monica Thorne, a character in Anthony Trollope’s 1858 novel “Doctor Thorne,” is one of the first historical examples of the name in modern literature. The name became significantly popular among Catholics. The name Monica witnessed a steady increase in popularity from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. However, since then, its popularity has declined.

Monicas are often peaceful, composed, and act like the voice of reason in the group. Most of them are organized and orderly. The character of Monica Geller from the famous T.V. show “Friends” had plenty of these characteristics. Those with this name tend to handle crises well; thus, people seek their advice and guidance in trying times. Monicas are also honest people with a heightened sense of integrity.

Monica has other variations, such as Mónica (Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese), Mônica (Brazilian Portuguese), Monique (French), Monika (German, Indian), Moonika (Estonia), and Mónika (Hungarian). National Monica Day is a celebration of all Monicas everywhere.

National Monica Day timeline

332 B.C.
Monica is Birthed

The name Monica emerges.

The Peak

Monica is the 39th most popular name in the U.S.

Monica on T.V.

The T.V. show “Friends” airs and makes the name Monica popular again.

The Plateau

Monica reaches number 693 in U.S. popular name charts.

National Monica Day FAQs

Does Monica have a biblical meaning?

Yes, Monica biblically means ‘solitary’ or ‘to advise.’

How many Monicas are in the U.S.?

There are approximately 200,000 Monicas in the U.S.

Is Monica still a popular name?

No, Monica is not in any popular name charts at the moment.

National Monica Day Activities

  1. Watch a movie that has a Monica

    Celebrate this day by binge-watching the famous character of Monica Geller on “Friends.” You can also watch other movies or shows that have a Monica character.

  2. Wish Monicas a happy National Day

    Reach out to all Monicas in your life and wish them a happy National Monica Day. You’re sure to light up their day by doing this.

  3. Appreciate Monica

    There are many notable Monicas in different fields. See one of them shine in their craft to celebrate this day.

5 Famous Monicas To Know About

  1. Monica Edwards

    She is a famous British children’s author.

  2. Monica Arnold

    She is an American professional singer.

  3. Monica Simpson

    She is an American reproductive rights activist.

  4. Monica Seles

    She is a renowned American-Serbian tennis player.

  5. Monica VanDieren

    She is an American mathematician.

Why We Love National Monica Day

  1. It has beautiful meanings

    There are different meanings of the name. However, all are unique and beautiful.

  2. Every country celebrates them

    Many countries have special days to celebrate the name “Monica” or their versions of it. You can join in wherever you are.

  3. There are notable connections

    Monicas, real and fictional, have done exceptional work in different fields. These are commendable.

National Monica Day dates

2024July 18Thursday
2025July 18Friday
2026July 18Saturday
2027July 18Sunday
2028July 18Tuesday

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