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FriAug 23

National Levi Day – August 23, 2024

National Levi Day is celebrated across the world on August 23 each year. Levi is a common name for boys that has enjoyed popularity for many years. It is short and sweet and never goes out of fashion. The name Levi has become a favorite amongst new parents because it is traditional, and yet it still sounds cool. And thankfully the name also has a profound meaning. Levi means ‘united,’ ‘joined,’ or, sometimes, “joined in harmony.” It is great that anyone who is named Levi, will always be harmonious in his ways. Happy National Levi Day to all!

History of National Levi Day

The name Levi has Biblical roots. In the ‘Old Testament,’ Levi is the son of Jacob and Leah. The Levites are also one of the twelve tribes in Israel. Therefore, Levi means the unification or founding of something. The name is thought to have originated in the Hebrew language and derived from Yewi or Lawa. It is first introduced in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament.

Levi enjoys great popularity as a boy’s name. As of 2020, Levi was the 18th most popular boy name in America – according to the Social Security Administration. It has enjoyed such consistent popularity since the 1900s when the Social Security Administration’s started to keep a record of names. However, in the early 2000s, the name suffered a slight dip in popularity. For example, in the year 2000, the name ranked 172 in the United States while in 2009 it escalated to 85. Since then, the name has steeply climbed the charts and has not looked back!

Experts believe that the sudden rise in popularity that year may have been due to actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves giving birth to baby boy Levi in 2008. The name is short, sweet, and easy to remember. There are a few variations of the name. Levi may also be spelled as Levey (Hebrew), Lewi (Hebrew), Levon, Levee, Levin, Leevi (Finnish), or Lewy (Polish). Interestingly, the Old Testament is a great place to pick names from — some of which include Abraham, Jacob, Jesse, Caleb, Noah, and Benjamin. All of these are also extremely popular names!

National Levi Day timeline

Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi Strauss is the founder of one of the most popular clothing brands in the world.

Four Tops

Levi Stubbs becomes the lead singer.

Levi Leipheimer

The American cyclist wins the bronze medal at the Beijing Summer Olympics.

Peter Pan

Actor Levi Miller plays Peter Pan in the movie.

National Levi Day FAQs

Is Levi a boy or girl’s name?

Although traditionally used as a boy’s name, Levi can be a girl’s name too.

How common is the name Levi?

In 2020, Levi was the 18th most popular boy’s name.

Is Levi a popular baby name?

Levi has been in the top 500 names for boys in the United States since the 1900s.

National Levi Day Activities

  1. Celebrate the Levi you love

    We are all blessed to know a Levi whom we cherish and love. On National Levi Day, we celebrate all the Levis who have made our lives so much happier and more interesting.

  2. Wear something from Levi’s

    Another great way to celebrate National Levi Day is by wearing something of the clothing brand. You could don a pair of Levi’s jeans or a tee shirt. If you don’t have something from Levi’s yet, this is a perfect time to buy something.

  3. Watch “Pan”

    Child actor Levi Miller played the role of Peter Pan in the 2015 version of the movie. On National Levi Day, spend the day watching the movie with your friends and family. That’s a great way to celebrate the occasion.

5 Facts About Levi Strauss And Co.

  1. The brand was created by immigrants

    Levi Strauss was a Jewish German who had migrated to the U.S.

  2. Workplace outfits for laborers

    Levi Strauss was a wealthy merchant and did not wear jeans, he created them as workplace outfits for laborers.

  3. The oldest pair still exist

    They were produced in 1879 and are estimated to be worth $150,000.

  4. Belt loops weren't used until 1922

    People used cinches and suspenders instead.

  5. Zippers were added much later

    The zipper fly was added in 1954.

Why We Love National Levi Day

  1. It’s a biblical name

    We love celebrating National Levi Day for it has roots in the “Bible.” The name originated in the ‘Old Testament.’ The “Bible” is a great place to look for names, and Levi is a reminder of just that.

  2. We love Levis

    The reason why we celebrate National Levi Day is that we all know a Levi whom we love dearly. This is a great way to celebrate them and let them know how much they are loved.

  3. It’s a popular name

    Levi is also one of those rare names that have consistently enjoyed popularity among new parents. National Levi Day celebrates the timelessness of the name, which we think will continue to be a favorite for years to come!

National Levi Day dates

2024August 23Friday
2025August 23Saturday
2026August 23Sunday
2027August 23Monday
2028August 23Wednesday

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