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MonAug 26

National Cherry Popsicle Day – August 26, 2024

People get together to celebrate National Cherry Popsicle Day on August 26 every year. There’s hardly anything better than a sweet, juicy popsicle to help you cool down during a sweltering summer day. The cherry popsicle seems like a joyous representation of summer fun. Indulge your inner child and enjoy a cherry popsicle or two on National Cherry Popsicle Day. Any frozen fruit juice served on a stick can be a ‘popsicle.’ Today, many different brands across the globe sell these frozen treats in a variety of flavors and of course, they can be made at home too.

History of National Cherry Popsicle Day

While the origin of most culinary dishes is shrouded in mystery, the origin of the popsicle is well known. The credit for the invention of this delicious treat goes to an 11-year-old boy! Francis William Epperson was preparing a soda pop out on his porch during the cold winter months. He was making soda pop by mixing soda powder with water. As is likely of any 11-year old, he absentmindedly forgot the drink on the porch and went inside. The concoction froze overnight and the next day he found the drink, albeit frozen, with the stirring stick in it — and that’s how the popsicle was born.

This remained a private invention until 18 years later when the rest of the world would be introduced to this delicious treat. The boy took it upon himself to introduce the frozen pop on a stick at an amusement park called Neptune Beach in Belmar, New Jersey. It was so successful that he immediately applied for a patent. The treat was named the ‘popsicle’ at the urging of his children. Until then, the popsicle was being sold as ‘Epsicle Ice Pop.” As they say, the rest is history and today popsicles have become synonymous with summers and happy childhood memories.

Even though Popsicle is a copyright term, almost all of us use it to describe any frozen treat. In fact, popsicles regularly feature in song lyrics, dialogues in movies and books, without us even realizing that it falls under copyright! It’s interesting how this humble treat continues to be full of surprises.

National Cherry Popsicle Day timeline

The Popsicle Goes Public

Francis Epperson introduces the creation at a fireman's ball and it’s a raging success.

Epperson Sells Popsicle Rights

Epperson sells the rights to Joe Lowe Company of New York.


Fudgicle, a flat, frozen dessert covered with chocolate, is introduced.

Unilever Takes Over

Unilever buys the rights to Popsicle.

National Cherry Popsicle Day FAQs

Who invented the popsicle?

In 1905, 11-year old Frank Epperson accidentally invented the summertime treat. He had mixed some sugary soda powder with water and left it out overnight.

What is the number one selling popsicle flavor?

The Popsicle makes annual sales of over two billion and its best-selling flavor is cherry.

How many calories are in a cherry popsicle?

There are only 40 calories in a single cherry popsicle.

National Cherry Popsicle Day Activities

  1. Groove to “Cherry Popsicle”

    Groove to Jann Arden 2000s hit “Cherry Popsicle” on National Cherry Popsicle Day. You could even post a video of you singing the song on your social media.

  2. Treat yourself to a cherry popsicle

    No better way to celebrate National Cherry Popsicle Day than by treating yourself to these delicious frozen treats. Chill by the pool and enjoy your popsicles.

  3. Make your own popsicles

    You could also make your own popsicles using fresh fruits or different flavors of soda. Mix and match flavors, or try a flavor that you haven’t before.

5 Facts About Cherries That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Humans have always loved cherries

    We have been eating cherries since the Stone Age.

  2. Cherries are fairly new to America

    Cherries arrived in America in the 1600s.

  3. They come in varieties

    There are around 1,000 varieties of cherries, but only 20 are commercially harvested.

  4. Turkey is the largest producer of cherries

    Turkey produces 535,000 tons of cherries annually.

  5. The world record for cherry-pit spitting

    The record for cherry-pit spitting, which was 93 feet, was set by Brian Krausein in 2004.

Why We Love National Cherry Popsicle Day

  1. It celebrates innovation

    National Cherry Popsicle Day is a celebration of happy accidents. It reminds us to not treat ourselves harshly if we make a mistake. After all, your mistake could be the next big invention of the culinary world.

  2. You get to revisit your childhood

    Cherry popsicles instantly take us back to our happy, carefree childhood days. National Cherry Popsicle Day is the perfect day to reminisce about the good ol’ days

  3. It’s a day to relax

    A cherry popsicle tastes better when you are relaxing by the pool. Take the day off and don’t forget to take it slow today.

National Cherry Popsicle Day dates

2024August 26Monday
2025August 26Tuesday
2026August 26Wednesday
2027August 26Thursday
2028August 26Saturday

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