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TueNov 26

National Alexis Day – November 26, 2024

National Alexis Day is celebrated annually on November 26 all around the globe. On this day, people gather to appreciate every Alexis to have ever existed in the world! Read on to find out more about the history behind this interesting name.

History of National Alexis Day

Alexis is a variation of the name ‘Αλέξης’. This is a name of Greek origin, which means ‘helper’ or ‘defender.’ The most popular variants of Alexis include Alexus, Lexi, Alejo, and Alexia, a feminine form of the name. People named Alexis are found mainly in English-speaking areas, such as Canada, the United States, and even the Spanish-speaking country of Mexico. Its popularity has also risen significantly in France.

Most people would describe Alexis as a name that gives off refined and wholesome energy and a youthful name with a touch of upper-class value. Many famous personalities in history carry the name, such as American actress Alexis Bledel, Chilean soccer player Alexis Sánchez, and American model Alexis Ren.

The name Alexis is also found in fiction. In the T.V. series “Dynasty”, a socialite is called Alexis, and in another T.V. series called “Ugly Betty,” a prominent magazine editor is called Alexis. This is also the name of a small village in Illinois, in the United States. It is estimated that nearly 378,000 Americans are named Alexis, which means that there are almost 119 Alexis’s for every 100,000 Americans. It has also been ranked the 125th most popular name in the United States.

National Alexis Day timeline

Alexis Colby

The character first appears in the series “Dynasty”.

Alexis Bledel

The actress debuts as the main character of the T.V. show “Gilmore Girls.”

Alexis Sánchez

The soccer player signs a contract with the Spanish team Barcelona.

Alexis Ren

The social media personality competes in “Dancing with the Stars” and wins fourth place.

National Alexis Day FAQs

Does Alexis Bledel have a child?

Yes! She married in 2014 and soon had her first child in 2015.

How old is player Alexis Sánchez?

The soccer player was born in 1988, on December 19. As of 2022, he’s 33 years old, which makes him nearing the end of his career as, on average, footballers retire at age 35.

Is Alexis Ren in a movie?

She is in the cast of the 2020 film “Deported.” Some movies that are still to be released that feature her on the cast are “Dotty & Soul,” “The Enforcer,” and “The Last Day on Earth.”

National Alexis Day Activities

  1. Write a letter

    You know someone named Alexis, whether they are one of your close friends or a famous figure. So why not write them a personalized letter, showing them all of your appreciation?

  2. Design a card

    It’s okay if you’re not that good with words. You can always choose to express your love by designing your own card! Sharpen those colored pencils and get your scissors ready to make a beautiful card for that special Alexis in your life.

  3. Shout out a famous Alexis

    Don’t have anyone in your circle named Alexis? No problem! Choose someone from our list to shout out on social media! Do some extra research and share all the facts with your friends and family, getting them involved in the celebration.

5 Fantastic People With The Name Alexis

  1. Alexa Bliss

    Alexis Cabrera is a professional wrestler from the United States, presently contracted to W.W.E., and works under the ring name Alexa Bliss on the Raw brand.

  2. Alexis Korner

    Alexis Koerner was a British blues musician and radio presenter who was dubbed "a founding father of British blues" by some.

  3. Alexis Lafrenière

    Alexis Lafrenière is a professional ice hockey left winger in the National Hockey League for the New York Rangers.

  4. Alexis Tipton

    Alexis Tipton is a voice actor and A.D.R. director from the United States who works for “Funimation.”

  5. Alexis Smith

    Margaret Alexis Fitzsimmons-Smith was an American actress and vocalist born in Canada, who starred in numerous influential Hollywood films.

Why We Love National Alexis Day

  1. It’s all about Alexis

    We love expressing our fondness for those around us! When it comes to Alexis, it’s no different! This day gets us all together for Alexis's sake, and we love that!

  2. Special appreciation

    We don’t need a specific day to show our appreciation, right? But it’s nice to get a special day to remember and give love to every Alexis around the globe!

  3. Second birthday

    Celebrating your name day means double the gifts you receive every year for simply being yourself! It’s like celebrating your birthday a second time annually!

National Alexis Day dates

2024November 26Tuesday
2025November 26Wednesday
2026November 26Thursday
2027November 26Friday
2028November 26Sunday

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