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ThuNov 28

National Alan Day – November 28, 2024

National Alan Day is celebrated on November 28 every year. It’s the day to celebrate Alans of all shapes, sizes, and statuses. Alan is one of the popular first names in the world today. Other common spelling variations of this name are Allan, Allen, or Alyn. No matter how you spell it, this name is a beautiful name with various exceptional meanings. Alan also invokes the images of various namesakes, such as Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman, Alan Cumming, Alan Ladd, Alan A[lexander] Milne, Alan J. Heeger, and Alan Arkin, to name a few. Late comedian Robin Williams, actors Cameron Dye and Laura San Giacomo, model Molly Sims and Scott Stuber all chose the name Alan for their sons.

History of National Alan Day

In Celtic baby names, Alan is a boy name meaning ‘harmony,’ ‘stone,’ or ‘noble.’ It could also mean ‘fair’ and ‘handsome.’ Some other sources also trace the name to a German origin, meaning ‘precious.’ Some sources of history also ascribe the earliest origin of Alan to a saint, stating that the name was reintroduced to Britain during the Norman Conquest. The name maintained a moderate popularity level during the Middle Ages and gained a renewed use around the 19th century. Other spelling variations of this name include Allan, Allen, Alain, Alun, Allon, and Alyn. No matter how you spell it, this name is a beautiful name with wonderful meanings.

The name ‘Alan’ has been quite popular and is the birth name of many celebrities and popular figures. Some of the most famous ‘Alan’ includes American actor and comedian Alan Alda, T.V. talk show host Alan Carr, British-Norwegian D.J., YouTuber, and record producer Alan Walker. Other famous namesakes include American economist Alan Greenspan who served as the 13th chair of the Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006, Canadian actor, songwriter, and game and talk show host Alan Thicke, and multi-award-winning composer Alan Menken, and English mathematician, computer scientist, and cryptanalyst Alan Turing.

The show business also used Alan for fictional characters in movies and T.V. shows such as “Boston Legal,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Young and the Restless,” “Jurassic Park,” “Boy Meets World,” “Sesame Street,” and “24.”

National Alan Day timeline

A Hollywood Star is Born

Six-time Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning actor and comedian, Alan Alda, is born.

Sitcom Star

Canadian actor, Alan Thicke, plays Dr. Jason Seaver on the sitcom “Growing Pains” on A.B.C.

Menken Completes the EGOT

Composer Alan Menken becomes the 16th person to win the four major North American entertainment awards (EGOT: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony)

‘The Greatest Person of the 20th Century’

A 2019 B.B.C. series, as voted by the audience, names Alan Turing the greatest person of the 20th century.

National Alan Day FAQs

Is Alan a Scrabble word?

Yes, Alan is a six-point word in the scrabble dictionary.

What animal is Allan?

B.B.C’s “Funny Talking Animals — Walk on The Wild Side” show was aired on B.B.C. One in 2009. The videos include a Marmot called Alan and other animals like the scratching and hip-hop-loving badgers, the D.I.Y. orangutan, dieting pandas, the Not-Very-Scary-Sharks, and the Vultures Flying School.

Is Alan a noun or verb?

‘Alan’ — like other common names — is a noun.

National Alan Day Activities

  1. Send a card

    Do you have an Alan in your life? Today’s a great day to send them a greeting card or a note to tell them how special they are. We’re sure they’ll love it!

  2. Take them out

    If the Alan you know is free today, you can celebrate this day with them by inviting them to dinner or a movie night out. Be sure they’re good for it, though!

  3. Watch a movie

    Today’s the perfect opportunity to see a movie or T.V. show starring Alan. Think “24,” “Boston Legal,” or “Two and a Half Men.”

5 Facts About Alan Turing

  1. He broke the form of Enigma

    Turing devised techniques to find settings for the Enigma machine used by the U-boats preying on the North Atlantic merchant convoys.

  2. He was prosecuted for homosexuality

    Turing was prosecuted in 1952 for homosexual acts.

  3. He died from cyanide poisoning

    Turing died on June 7, 1954 — just16 days before his 42nd birthday — from cyanide poisoning.

  4. The field of A.I. owes him

    The Alan Turing Machine developed a test for artificial intelligence in 1950, which is still used today.

  5. He appears on a pound note

    Turing appears on the Bank of England £50 note which was released on June 23, 2021, to coincide with his birthday.

Why We Love National Alan Day

  1. We love celebrating people

    Alans are primarily cool, talented people. Today’s a day to celebrate those great friends, dads, and brothers!

  2. We love rewarding ingenuity

    Alans excel at their various crafts — arts, entertainment, and science. Today, we reward their hard work and excellence.

  3. We love sharing love and friendship

    Everyone deserves to feel special at least once a year. It’s the Alans’ turn today!

National Alan Day dates

2024November 28Thursday
2025November 28Friday
2026November 28Saturday
2027November 28Sunday
2028November 28Tuesday

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