Minnie Mouse's Birthday – November 18, 2019

Mon Nov 18

Minnie Mouse has been around for 90 years, but she’s just as important as ever. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created “Minerva” Mouse in the style of a “flapper girl.” She’s best known as Mickey’s girlfriend, but she’s also friends with Daisy Duck and Clarabelle Cow. Her November 18 “birthday” marks the day in 1928 when she made an appearance in the film “Steamboat Willie.” Whether or not you’re a diehard Disney fan, take some time to learn a little more about one of the world’s favorite cartoon characters.

Key Moments in Minnie Mouse's Life

January 22, 2018

Minnie officially became a star

Minnie Mouse received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is actually one of many animated characters, including Mickey, to be given this honor.


Minnie took the lead

NBC aired a TV special called "Totally Minnie," which was her first time as the lead character in a film.

May 15, 1928

Minnie made her first appearance

In the six-minute silent short, "Plane Crazy," the world got its first glimpse of Minnie Mouse. Though the film didn't quite take off at first, it was later picked up as a sound cartoon after the success of "Steamboat Willie."

How to Celebrate Minnie Mouse's Birthday

  1. Watch some of her classic videos

    Streaming services like Netflix have a number of original Disney cartoons, including "Steamboat Willie." See how far Minnie has come from her humble beginnings in the 1920s.

  2. Put on your Minnie Mouse ears

    Get your red bow and mouse ears ready! Whether you are heading to school or the office, show your appreciation for your favorite lady mouse by donning her signature look.

  3. Head to Disney World

    Although the park doesn't have any official celebrations for Miss Minnie's birthday, November is a great time to enjoy Orlando. You may even get lucky enough to spot her in the park and get a special picture together.

6 Of Minnie Mouse's Obscure Relatives

  1. Marcus Mouse, her father

    Marcus first appeared in the Minnie Mouse universe in 1930.

  2. Mortimer Mouse, the rich uncle

    He's a rancher from Death Valley; Minnie eventually inherits his estate.

  3. Marhsal and Matilda Mouse, her grandparents

    Though they only appeared briefly, Minnie does in fact have grandparents!

  4. Millie and Melody Mouse, her twin nieces

    There are some inconsistencies around Minnie's nieces: In the U.S. they've also been referred to as "Pammy and Tammy," while in Brazil and Europe she sometimes has only one niece named "Melodia."

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