June 18th Birthdays

We have 5 birthdays listed for June 18.

June 18th is the 169th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, war of 1812 begins as US declares war against Britain and in the Battle of Waterloo Napoleon and France are defeated by British forces under Wellington and Prussian troops under Blucher. Famous birthdays include, Roger Ebert, Paul McCartney, Blake Shelton, and Willa Holland. Today is National Go Fishing Day and International Sushi Day.


Josh Dun’s Birthday

This talented drummer is one-half of one of the most successful alternative rock bands.


Paul McCartney’s Birthday

Even in old age, this talented rock singer and composer remains supreme.


Blake Shelton’s Birthday

This nine-time Grammy Award nominee holds the record for the most consecutive number one singles.