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Blake Shelton, born on June 18, 1976, is an American country music singer and T.V. personality. He made his debut with ‘Austin,’ the lead-off single from his debut album. The single spent five weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. By 2020, he had charted 40 singles, including 28 first positions, 17 of which were consecutive. Blake is a nine-time Grammy Award nominee. He has also served as a coach on NBC’s “The Voice,” and as a judge on the televised singing competitions “Nashville Star, Clash of the Choirs.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Blake Tollison Shelton



Birth date:

June 18, 1976



Zodiac Sign:



6' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$100 million

Blake's Social Media:


Blake Tollison Shelton was born in Ada, Oklahoma. His father, Richard Lee Shelton, was a car salesman. His mother, Dorothy Ann, was a beauty salon owner. Shelton started singing at a young age and by the time he was 12, he had learned how to play the guitar. He wrote his first song at age 15 and received his first award, the Denbo Diamond Award, at 16. A year later, Shelton lost his older brother, Richie Shelton, in an automobile accident.

Following his high school graduation at age 17, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a singing career. There, he landed a job at a music publishing company, which gave him insights into how the music industry works. There, he met Bobby Braddock who helped him to obtain a production contract with Sony Music in 1997. Three years later, he was signed to Giant Records where he was to release a song titled ‘I Wanna Talk about Me.’ The staff at Giant Records declared the song unsuitable for a lead-off single and released ‘Austin’ instead. Shortly after, Giant Records was closed and Shelton was transferred to Warner Bros. Records. The single ‘Austin’ became Shelton’s first number-one hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks charts.

In 2003, Shelton released his second album, “The Dreamer.” The album’s lead-off single, ‘The Baby’ reached the first position on the country charts. The album earned gold certification. One year later, Shelton released his third album “Blake Shelton’s Barn and Grill,” which got platinum-certified. His single ‘Some Beach’ reached the first position and held that position for a month.

Career timeline


Shelton gets signed to Giant Records and releases his debut single ‘Austin.’

Two Consecutive Number Ones

Shelton’s two singles, ‘Home’ and ‘She Wouldn’t Be Gone,’ become his fourth and fifth number one hits in a span of less than a year.

Setting a Record

Shelton releases the single ‘Honey Bee,’ which receives 138,000 downloads in its first week, setting a record for the fastest gold certification by a male country singer.

He Attains the Highest Honor

Shelton receives the highest state honor from the Oklahoma Hall of Fame for his contribution to country music.

Why We Love Blake Shelton

  1. He is a giver

    Shelton likes to give back. In 2015, he visited a health clinic on wheels. In the same year, he asked his fans to donate to St.Jude’s Children's Hospital.

  2. He is a life saver

    In 2015, he saved a man who was stuck in the Oklahoma flood while pushing his truck uphill. He used a tow rope and drove the man home.

  3. He loves animals

    Shelton had a pet turkey named Turkey. Sadly, his friend died of heatstroke in the summer.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Shelton had a brother

    When he was 14, his brother, Richie Shelton, died in a car accident at the age of 24.

  2. His first song was about his crush

    Shelton wrote his first song at 15 called ‘That Girl Made a Fool Out of Me.’

  3. He moved out at 17

    Following his graduation, Shelton moved to Nashville after Mae Boren Axton told him to take the leap.

  4. He recorded a song with his mom

    Shelton wrote and performed a song with his mother titled ‘Time For Me To Come Home.’

  5. His first single wasn’t ‘Austin’

    Shelton was supposed to release ‘I Wanna Talk About Me,’ but it was later released by Toby Keith.

Blake Shelton FAQs

Who is Blake Shelton’s wife?

His current wife is called Gwen Stefani.

How did Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani meet?

They met on the NBC competition show, “The Voice” and started their relationship in 2015.

Does Blake Shelton have kids?

No. Blake doesn’t have any kids of his own.

Blake Shelton’s birthday dates

2024June 18Tuesday
2025June 18Wednesday
2026June 18Thursday
2027June 18Friday
2028June 18Sunday

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