LeAnn Rimes

Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian, known by fans as LeAnn Rimes, was born on August 28, 1982, and is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Rimes rose to prominence as a country singer at a young age and has since become a huge star and household name. Today, we celebrate Rimes with some fun and interesting activities.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian

Birth date:

August 28, 1982



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$10 million

Margaret's Social Media:


LeAnn Rimes is an American singer, songwriter, and actress born in Jackson, Mississippi. At age six, she and her parents moved to Garland, Texas, where she started practicing vocals and dance. Rimes began her career on stage by starring in a production of “A Christmas Carol,” and later appeared on the show “Star Search.” After deciding to become a country singer, Rimes’ father started recording her at an independent label, where she released her first album, “Everybody’s Sweetheart” in 1991.

She soon grabbed the attention of big-time record producers, who signed her to create further albums, and her second album, “All That” was released in 1994. Since her start in the music industry, Rimes managed to make a huge name for herself and often crossed music genres to mix up her music styles. She has released a total of 17 studio albums, one of which, titled “I Need You,” gained worldwide recognition when her songs were featured in the movie “Coyote Ugly.” For her efforts in music, Rimes has received three Academy of Country Music awards and two Grammys.

Other than music, Rimes has also starred in a few movies, including “Holly Hobbie and Friends: Christmas Wishes” (2006), “Anger Management” (2013), and “It’s Christmas, Eve” (2018). In 2022, Rimes is also set to release her 18th studio album, “God’s Work.” In her personal life, Rimes has been married twice, once to Dean Sheremet from 2002 to 2010, and she then married Eddie Cibrian in 2011.

Career timeline

The Release of Her First Album

Rimes releases her first album, titled “Everybody’s Sweetheart.”

International Recognition

She debuts her 7th studio album and select songs are used in the movie “Coyote Ugly.”

“Good Intentions”

She stars in the movie “Good Intentions” as a main character.

Still Going Strong

Rimes is set to release her 18th studio album, “God’s Work.”

Why We Love LeAnn Rimes

  1. She is a philanthropist

    She has lent her voice to bring awareness and funding for cancer research, even managing to raise $73.6 million for the American Association for Cancer Research. She has also won the humanitarian award from the Academy of Country Music.

  2. She prioritizes her mental health

    Rimes has been very open about her struggles with depression and anxiety. She checked herself into treatment to “check out for a second” and take care of herself.

  3. She is a force to be reckoned with

    Rimes has had an extremely successful career in the music industry and shows no signs of slowing down just yet. We can’t wait for her latest album to be released.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has written four books

    Rimes has written four books, which include "Holiday in Your Heart" with Tom Carter, "Jag," "Jag's New Friend," and, "What I Cannot Change" with Darrell Brown.

  2. She started young

    She was just nine years old when she recorded her first album — impressive!

  3. Where she likes to write

    When writing music, Rimes likes to lie on the floor, which she says is her “happy place.”

  4. Her celebrity crush

    She has stated that she has a crush on Jeff Bridges after reading the books he co-authored.

  5. She loves sports

    Rimes said that if she could, she would play softball every day.

LeAnn Rimes FAQs

What disease does LeAnn Rimes have?

She suffers from the autoimmune disease psoriasis.

Does LeAnn Rimes have children?

The singer does not have children of her own but does have step-children.

Was LeAnn Rimes on “The Masked Singer?”

Yes, she competed as Sun and took home the “Golden Mask.”

LeAnn Rimes’s birthday dates

2024August 28Wednesday
2025August 28Thursday
2026August 28Friday
2027August 28Saturday
2028August 28Monday

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