July 16th Birthdays

We have 6 birthdays listed for July 16.

July 16th is the 197th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Muhammad begins a flight from Mecca to Medina (Hijra), Martin Luther denies the divine right of the Pope in a debate with theologist John Eck at Pleissenburg Castle, and Hitler orders preparations for the invasion of Britain. Famous birthdays include Ida B Wells, Ginger Rogers, and Ali Khamenei. Today is National Corn Fritter Day.

Wizkid’s Birthday

Wizkid is regarded as one of the biggest and most influential African artists of all time.


Will Ferrell’s Birthday

This talented actor and comedian is an inspiration for present and future actors.


Luke Hemmings’s Birthday

This talented singer and songwriter has intoxicated the world with his music.


Kaylyn Sans’s Birthday

Today, we are celebrating the beautiful rising star of Instagram, Kaylyn Sans.


Katrina Kaif’s Birthday

She is a multi-award-winning actress who is entertaining the masses with her roles!


Corey Feldman’s Birthday

Corey Scott Feldman has sustained an acting career for more than five decades.