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TueJul 16

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – July 16, 2024

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Day is celebrated annually on July 16, was started by the Universal church in 1726. It’s a Catholic cultural event, and a liturgical feast is held in its honor. Catholics around the world are encouraged to show their devotion to their faith by honoring Mary, the patroness of the Carmelite Order.

History of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Carmelite Order was the only religious order to begin in the Crusader States. In the 13th century, some of its members migrated west to England, setting up a new chapter from about 1241 to 1242.

In the late 14th century, the belief was that Saint Simon Stock, an early English prior general of the Carmelite Order soon after it migrated to England, had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary in which she gave him the brown scapular. This formed part of the Carmelite habit after 1287.

In 1642, a Carmelite named Fr. John Cheron released a document he attested was a 13th-century letter written by Saint Simon Stock’s secretary, Peter Swannington. Since the early 20th century historians have concluded that Cheron likely forged this letter himself.

However, Stock’s vision had many supporters of scapular devotion. The forged Swanington letter claimed that July 16, 1251, was the date of the vision —July 16 being the date of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel — which led for centuries to a strong association between this feast day and the scapular devotion.

Based on available historical documentation, the liturgical feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel did not have a specific association with the Brown Scapular or the tradition of Stock’s vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This tradition grew gradually, as did the liturgical cult of St. Simon. In 1726, it became a celebration of the Universal Church under the title of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Although Simon Stock was never officially declared a saint, his feast day was acknowledged in the church. The Carmelite convent of Aylesford, England, was revived, and a relic of Saint Simon Stock was kept there in 1951. The saint’s feast is celebrated in certain places dedicated to him.

In Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, there has been particular devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, who has been adopted as a patron saint of several places, as she has been in other Catholic-majority countries. Our lady of Mount Carmel is celebrated as an optional memorial on July 16 in the Catholic Church.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel timeline

The Order Embraces Simon’s Vision

The Carmelite Order accepts and supports Saint Simon Stock’s vision.

Cheron Presents an Important Letter

John Cheron publishes a letter that deems July 16 as the date the vision was witnessed.

The Universal Church Starts a New Celebration

The church celebrates July 16 as the day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

The Carmelite Convent Secures Important Relic

The Carmelite Convent of Aylesford, England, secures a relic of Saint Simon Stock.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel FAQs

What did Our Lady of Mount Carmel do?

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, or Virgin of Carmel, is the title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary in her role as patroness of the Carmelite Order, particularly within the Catholic Church.

Who received scapular from Our Lady of Mount Carmel?

Saint Simon Stock received Scapular from Our Lady of Carmel.

Can Catholics wear the rosary as a necklace?

Rosaries are not meant to be worn as necklaces, it is an unwritten rule in the catholic community.

How to Observe Our Lady of Mount Carmel

  1. Attend church service

    You can celebrate this event by going for the morning mass held at the chapel, which has a service dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. You can also make out time to pray.

  2. Enroll in the Brown Scapular

    The Brown Scapular is understood in the context of the Catholic. By enrolling in the Brown Scapular, a person can wear it as their devotion to the Virgin Mary.

  3. Take part in a festival

    An annual festival for Our Lady of Mount Carmel happens in East Harlem, New York City. Attending the festival is a way to show devotion to your faith.

5 Interesting Facts About Mount Carmel And The Scapular

  1. The Brown Scapular symbolizes obedience

    The Brown Scapular is a symbol of devotion and obedience.

  2. Mount Carmel is a place in Palestine

    Mount Carmel is an actual mountain located in the Middle East, Palestine.

  3. Chapels built on Mount Carmel

    There are chapels dedicated to the Blessed Mother on Mount Carmel.

  4. ‘Flos Carmeli’ is a prayer by a saint

    A hymn and prayer honoring Our Lady of Mount Carmel by Saint Simon Stock.

  5. The Carmelite Order were under attack

    The Carmelite Order had to move back to Europe due to persecution by the Saracens in 1235.

Why Our Lady of Mount Carmel is Important

  1. A Chance to show our devotion to our faith

    Our lady of Mount Carmel comes each year to remind us of our devotion to the catholic faith. We get to reflect on our lives and remember to be thankful to God.

  2. It strengthens the Christian-catholic community

    Events like Our lady of Mount Carmel help to strengthen the catholic community and build bonds among members. Thus, its importance cannot be over-emphasized.

  3. An evangelistic opportunity

    Our lady of Mount Carmel presents an opportunity for evangelism. It creates an avenue to gain more believers in the Christian faith.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel dates

2024July 16Tuesday
2025July 16Wednesday
2026July 16Thursday
2027July 16Friday
2028July 16Sunday

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