February 6th Birthdays

We have 9 birthdays listed for February 6.

February 6th is the 37th day of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, African-American immigrants left America to start a Liberian settlement, the American Legion was founded, and Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom after her father’s death. Famous birthdays include Ronald Reagan, Bob Marley, and Babe Ruth. February 6th also marks Safer Internet Day and National Frozen Yogurt Day.

Natalie Cole’s Birthday

From university degrees to innumerable awards, this singer certainly deserved her fame.


Rick Astley’s Birthday

For this vibrant singer, the world is still his oyster. Let’s celebrate him!


Ginny Lemon’s Birthday

The world is just a stepping stone to true greatness for this bubbly character.


Drita D'Avanzo’s Birthday

This beautiful reality star has opened her life for our scrutiny so today we celebrate her.


Babe Ruth’s Birthday

This highly-awarded baseball player ate home runs for breakfast! Let us honor this remarkable individual.


Axl Rose’s Birthday

This rock star has done it all and paved the way for future generations.


Bob Marley’s Birthday

His iconic music from ska to reggae, along with his wild dreadlocks, were his signature style.