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Bison-ten Yell Day – September 2, 2024

Bison-Ten Yell Day on September 2 is a wacky holiday that celebrates a number of things; the 200th birthday of an imaginary figure, the person who invented verbal signaling to yell at soldiers during war, the secret signals between football players, and the fact that if you say “Bison-Ten Yell” repeatedly, it sounds like ‘bicentennial.’

History of Bison-ten Yell Day

We’ve come across many crazy holidays, but Bison-Ten Yell Day takes top honors. The holiday has several strange reasons for its celebration. The phrase “Bison-Ten Yell” sounds similar to ‘bicentennial.’ The word bicentennial itself means the 200th anniversary. The reason behind the holiday can likely be attributed to someone who was born in 1813. But there is a catch; this ‘person’ apparently celebrates his 200th birthday every year. So, our imaginary figure is like the character Peter Pan, but with the same age being celebrated every year.

We’d provide the history of the day, except that this holiday is simply a goofball day, having no real purpose other than to serve as a pun. But the day does have some merit, as it honors the person who created war signals. Soldiers had to memorize the meanings behind verbal signaling or symbols. Does this sound familiar? N.F.L. players do the same.

The origins of the day are unknown, but we will continue digging to find the secret behind “Bison-Ten Yell.” Our theory is that since war signals originally invented were ten, the “Ten-Yell” likely refers to this. Now, if only we could factor the bison in somehow. Perhaps the creator of the holiday was large and formidable.

Bison-ten Yell Day timeline

17th Century
Naval Communication

British Admiral Sir William Penn creates regular codes for naval communications.

18th Century
Flag Signaling

Admiral Richard Kempenfelt formulates a plan for flag signaling.

Hand Signals

The first use of hand signals consistently throughout a football game is during a match between Syracuse University and Cornell University.


Since we’re on the topic of puns, the popular Reddit community named “Bone-Apple-Tea” is a pun on the word ‘bon appetit.’

Bison-ten Yell Day FAQs

What does Bison-Ten Yell Day mean?

Bison-Ten Yell Day essentially means ‘the bicentennial birthday,’ except it is written in a decipherable way.

Which holidays are on September 2?

National Blueberry Popsicle Day, VJ Day, and World Coconut Day are holidays celebrated on September 2.

What’s the difference between bison and buffalo?

Buffalo and bison are used interchangeably, but the scientific name is bison.

Bison-ten Yell Day Activities

  1. Create your secret code

    Create your special code or signals for an activity between you and your friends.

  2. Watch a football match

    Relax and enjoy a football game, except focus more on the signals that are given to the players.

  3. Celebrate a birthday

    Celebrate the 200th birthday of an imaginary friend. The reactions from your peers will be priceless.

5 Of The World’s Most Famous Hand Signals

  1. The V sign

    The V sign symbolizing victory became popular during World War II.

  2. The high five

    Sources claim that the high five rose to popularity after baseball players played at the Dodger Stadium on October 2, 1977.

  3. Thumbs-up

    This hand gesture originated in ancient Rome and signified death for a gladiator.

  4. The fist bump

    In the early 1900s, boxers started greeting their opponents by bumping fists because of the thick boxing gloves they wear.

  5. Military salute

    Shortening the original act of removing caps in presence of senior officers, saluting simplified the gesture and is widely practiced today.

Why We Love Bison-ten Yell Day

  1. We love crazy holidays

    We love a good wacky holiday. Celebrating the craziest things is so much fun.

  2. We love a play on words

    Riddles, wordplays, puns, and more, we are all for it!

  3. It’s a birthday celebration

    It may be imaginary, but a birthday is a birthday and we love birthdays!

Bison-ten Yell Day dates

2024September 2Monday
2025September 2Tuesday
2026September 2Wednesday
2027September 2Thursday
2028September 2Saturday

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