Dominic Richard Harrison, born August 5, 1997, is known professionally as Yungblud. He is an English singer and songwriter who gained popularity with his politically inclined lyrics and rebellious ethos. Yungblud has built his fan base through live shows and fan buzz, sporting his unique style, signature pink socks, and wolf-like grin. We’ll help you celebrate his special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Dominic Harrison



Birth date:

August 5, 1997



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Dominic's Social Media:


Yungblud was born on August 5, 1997, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. His father is Justin Harrison and his mother is Samantha Harrison. He has two siblings, Jemima and Isobel. Yungblud gained an interest in music naturally when he was young; his dad owned a guitar shop and his grandfather was a musician. Yungblud grew up listening to the Beatles, the Clash, and the Jam. He wrote his first song, about a girl from his high school, when he was 11. His mom didn’t like his earliest songs but still encouraged him to compose more. Yungblud had a fashion sense that bent the masculine norms. He wore lipstick, nail polish, and straight hair. This made him feel unwelcome among his classmates and preferred to hang out with his teachers instead.

Yungblud released his first single, “King Charles” in April 2017. In September of the same year, he released “I Love You, Will You Marry Me.” In November 2017, he released his final project for the year, “Tin Pan Boy.” Two months later, he released “Polygraph Eyes,” a song about sexual assault against girls. He released the music video on YouTube on March 14, 2018. Harrison released his first album, “21st Century Liability” on July 6 and headed to the US.

Yungblud attended the MCM Comic Con on October 25, 2019, to promote his comic book,” Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club.” Five days later, he released the music video for “Die a Little” to take a stand for mental health awareness. Yungblud was nominated for four “NME” awards from 2019 to 2021.

Career timeline

His First Single is Released

Yungblud releases his first single, “King Charles.”

Yungblud Decries a Vice

Yungblud releases “Polygraph Eyes” which is a song about sexual assault against girls.

Yungblud Gets Nominated for Four NME Awards

He is nominated for “Best British Solo Act,” “Best Music Video,” ”Best Solo Act in the World,” and “Best Collaboration.”

Yungblud Continues His Creative Streak

Yungblud releases his single “Fleabag,” which charts at number 78.

Why We Love Yungblud

  1. He is not afraid to express himself

    Yungblud is known for his eccentric sense of style. He has worn dresses on stage before.

  2. He is very active on social media

    Yungblud regularly interacts with his fans on social media. He has an active Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok account.

  3. He loves his fans

    Yungblud actively listens to and engages his fans. He loves to hype them up and let them know their value to his life.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is British

    Yungblud was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and moved to London when he was 16 years old.

  2. He used to be on Disney Channel

    Before breaking into the music industry, Yungblud appeared on the Disney show, “The Lodge.”

  3. He can play several instruments

    In addition to writing and singing his own songs, Yungblud can also play the guitar, piano, drums, and bass.

  4. He has supportive parents

    Yungblud’s parents have always been supportive of his music and fashion sense.

  5. He was diagnosed with a disorder

    Yungblud was diagnosed with ADHD, which made him a troublesome student.

Yungblud FAQs

Why does Yungblud wear pink socks?

He has said that he wears pink socks due to his ADHD condition. The color pink symbolizes his personality.

What school did Yungblud go to?

He went to Arts Educational Schools based in London.

What happened to Yungblud as a child?

Yungblud was exposed to violence at an early age. He grew up in a home where his parents fought a lot.

Yungblud’s birthday dates

2024August 5Monday
2025August 5Tuesday
2026August 5Wednesday
2027August 5Thursday
2028August 5Saturday

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