Lolo Jones

Lori Susan ‘Lolo’ Jones, born on August 5, 1982, in Des Moines, is a professional hurdler and bobsledder. Her career in hurdles began to pick up in 2002, and she was a runner-up in the 100-meter hurdle and 4×100 –meter relay in the NCAA Outdoor Championships. In 2015, Jones won the North American, Central American, and Caribbean Championships (N.A.C.A.C.) in the women’s 100-meter hurdle with a time of 12.63 seconds. In 2009, Jones appeared semi-nude for ‘The Body Issue’ of the E.S.P.N. Magazine. We will help you celebrate Jones’ special day right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Lori Susan Jones


Lolo Jones

Birth date:

August 5, 1982



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Lori's Social Media:


Lori Susan ‘Lolo’ Jones is a professional hurdler and bobsledder known for her skills in 60-meter and 100-meter hurdles. She was born on August 5, 1982, in Des Moines to James Jones Sr. and Lori Jones. Jones did not grow up in a wealthy family, as they had to stay in the basement of the Salvation Army when she was in third grade. To pursue her dream of being a runner, she parted ways with her family to study at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Des Moines. She stayed with Janis Caldwell, who noticed her talent after her senior year. Jones worked part-time at the Iowa Bakery Café while in college. She received degrees in economics and Spanish. At Iowa State, Jons was named “Gatorade Midwest Athlete of the Year ” for the record she set in the track meet with 13.40 seconds for a 100-meter race.

Jones intended to study at Iowa State but changed her mind to look at Louisiana State University. Her career in hurdles began to pick up in 2002, and she was a runner-up in the 100-meter hurdle and 4×100 –meter relay in the N.C.A.A. Outdoor Championships. She later won the 60-meter race in 2003 at the N.C.A.A. Championships. In the 2006 World Athletic Finals, Jones finished sixth in the 100m hurdle and was ranked fourth in the United States and seventh in the world by the monthly sports magazine “Track & Field News.”

In 2007, Jones won her first national championship in the 60-meter hurdle with a record-breaking time of 7.88 seconds. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Jones had her most emotional moment when she had a seventh-place finish because she hit the hurdles twice. She was introduced to bobsledding by Elana Meyers after being disappointed in 2008. On November 9, 2012, Jones and her teammate, Jazmine Fenlator, won second place in Jones’ first World Cup bobsledding competition. In the 2012 Summer Olympics, Jones won in the 100-meter heat hurdles with a mark of 12.68 seconds, but in the finals later in the day, Jones finished with a mark of 12.58 seconds, earning her fourth place. Jones won her first season at the Seiko Golden Grand Prix in Tokyo in 2013 when she finished with a time of 12.92 seconds. In 2015, Jones won the North American, Central American, and Caribbean Championships (N.A.C.A.C.) in the women’s 100-meter hurdle with a time of 12.63 seconds. In 2020, she ran her first outdoors in the 100-meter hurdles final and 100-meter Dash final at the Mississippi College Season Opener.

Jones decided to go for the nickname ‘Lolo’ so she wouldn’t bear the same name as her mother. Jones is a devout Christian and often prays before any race. She resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and her sponsors are Asics and Red Bull. She has also involved herself in charitable deeds.

Career timeline

World Indoor Championship

Jones comes first in the 60-meter hurdle with 7.80 seconds at Valencia, Spain.

E.S.P.N. Magazine Cover

Jones appears semi-nude for “The Body Issue” of the Magazine.

World Bobsledding Competition

Jones comes in second place in her first competition with her teammate, Jazmine Fenlator.

Movie Appearance

Jones portrays an airport gate attendant named Lori in the remake of the "Left Behind" series.

Winner of N.A.C.A.C. Championships

Jones comes in first place in the 100-meter hurdles race with a time of 12.63 seconds at San Jose, Costa Rica.

Why We Love Lolo Jones

  1. She loves her religion

    Jones believes that with God, everything is possible and prays before every run. She talks about her faith on Twitter.

  2. Jones is philanthropic

    Jones visited her Alma Mata, Roosevelt High School, and donated pairs of new Asics to the track team and a $3,000 check to purchase indoor practice hurdles. In 2008, Jones gave the $4,000 cash prize she won in the Olympic trials to Renee Trout, a victim of the Iowa flood. Asics and Oakley each donated $4,000, donating a total of $12,000.

  3. She had a rough childhood

    Jones was brought up by her single mother, Lori, and they could not afford some basic amenities such as housing. Despite all odds stacked against her, Jones has risen to become a notable athlete in the world of running.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She can play the 'cello'

    Jones was part of her high school's orchestra team.

  2. Jones undergoes serious surgery

    Her spinal cord had been giving her some issues, so she had surgery to rectify it.

  3. She believes in waiting until marriage

    Jones is a devout Christian and believes in waiting until marriage.

  4. Her real name is 'Lori'

    Jones changed her name to 'Lolo' because her mother's name was also Lori.

  5. Jones danced with the stars

    She partnered with a professional dancer but was the first to be eliminated from the T.V. show.

Lolo Jones FAQs

Did Lolo Jones make the 2022 Olympics?

Jones was left off the bobsled team for the Beijing Olympics.

What is Jones's ethnicity?

She is of African-American, French, Norwegian, and Native-American descent.

Does Lolo Jones have a husband?

Jones remains unmarried.

Lolo Jones’s birthday dates

2024August 5Monday
2025August 5Tuesday
2026August 5Wednesday
2027August 5Thursday
2028August 5Saturday

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